Topps Blue, Black, and... Pink?

Hey, everyone! Sorting some of my Topps collection (definitely not my most knowledgeable area), and came across a couple of pink logo cards. Looking for some clarification.

My understanding is:

1st print is blue
2nd print is black

Is pink a third print, or some other variation like European/South American?


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Never seen/heard of pink logos. Red maybe?

From my understanding:
1st Print: Blue Logo
2nd Print: Black Logo
3rd Print: Green Logo
4th Print: Red Logo

Each printing also has a different type of foil variation; smooth - rays/starbursts - flames - Pokeballs


Here you have some pictures

You have 2 types of Nintendo Stamps

The American one, (oval)
Or the European one (round)

But here you have a list with different Nintendo stamps, Foil patterns and Languages

This is from my Caterpie Collection

**** Pokemon topps ****

Us blue topps normal
Us blue topps silver foil
Us blue topps rainbow foil
Us black topps normal
Us black topps silver foil
Us black topps silver rays foil
Us black topps rainbow rays foil
Us green topps normal
Us black topps silver flames foil
Us black topps rainbow flames foil (missing)
Us red topps normal
Us black topps silver balls foil
Us black topps rainbow balls foil
Us normal chrome
Us spectral chrome
Us sparkle chrome
Us tekno chrome (missing)
Eu blue topps english normal
Eu blue topps english silver foil
Eu blue topps german normal
Eu blue topps german silver foil
Eu blue topps french normal
Eu blue topps french silver foil
Eu blue topps italian normal
Eu blue topps italian silver foil
Eu blue topps spanish normal
Eu blue topps spanish silver foil
Eu blue topps portugese normal
Eu blue topps portugese silver foil

Us blue topps ep 3 normal
Us blue topps ep 3 silver foil
Us blue topps ep 3 rainbow foil

Us blue topps sticker
Us black topps sticker

Us white topps ev1 of 12 stage 1


That Caterpie collection looks insane!


I will post some pictures in the near future, my Tcg is 99% compleet, need only 1 korean base set unlimited, and have alot more to show, like tazos coins stamps stickers and fun cards of caterpie

Thanks for the compliment, i am very proud of it :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this one, the topps part looks phenomenal already!


You know, it’s strange because the blue logos have a copyright date of 2000, but the red logos (they’re absolutely pink, but I’ll follow the common terminology) are dated 1999.

That seems like they would precede the blue logos, unless they just put copyright dates on their stuff all willy-nilly. Lol.

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I have them all 4, but it says 1999 on my cards?

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Maybe because this is a higher number in the Pokedex? Is this series 2?

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Starmie is in Series 3. As far as i know there are not multiple printing variations for series 2 and 3 so they may only have the blue logos

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I can confirm, series 2 and 3 only have oval nintendo logo and blue topps logo, series 1 ends in #76 Golem

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They have the 4 Chrome variations but yea regular is only blue topps oval nintendo so the Us stamp

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

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