Thoughts on the Japanese starter decks 20th anniversary?

I know alot of you have the original ones and still trying to figure out the no rarity mysteries surrounding the original starters and boosters.

What are your opinions on the “re-print”? Any future value for the deck or individual cards graded? Just curious :blush: I know it wont be insane or even touch the originals but you can pick these up for 20-30 quid at the moment. Think they are worth getting and grading the cards/keeping sealed? Im not sure on the amount released etc but yea! They were like 1,400 yen to start with but sold out, so double the price seems standard

Any thoughts?



Just a heads up for your time zone, its still only 8pm central in the states here where I am guessing the majority of members are, (not trying to offend anyone), so most are just getting going for the day 6-9am, just a thought as its quiet.

The generations decks had a 1/2 chance to have 2 zards and that mega charizard or a venasaur combo so on top of some solid commons/uncommons, you could pull a pretty good ratio compared to the random ex’s in the generations packs. However, being they are only japanese releases, I think they hold much better value sealed as they just look like the old school real deal.

I think to complete the set you need to open about 6 decks and then find the exclusive later release of the blastoise line.

Don’t ever see these gaining any value. They were mass produced like crazy and I’m sure everyone who wanted one got one.

Ahh I see, thank you :blush: Ive got 2 in my basket at the moment.Just waiting for some feedback on them before I buy. How do you get the blastoise one? is there anyway to tell please? I would keep sealed but normally buy 2 to either open one or sell on later and always keep 1.If that makes sense :wink:

There is two different versions of decks, version 1 has Zards and Saurs, but is random and unable to tell which is which until opened.

Version 2 however, has a picture of blastoise on the back and this is the only release of version 2. However its necessary to note that this deck did not have any damage counters, instruction booklet, or coin like the previous deck, but it does have 5 cards that were never released in the previous. Unfortunately its impossible to tell if you have the 3 starters sealed for a collection, would need to open two of them to be fully certain.

In my opinion however, I do not think these decks have much room to run. With the small field of players that might actually use some of these cards in the current meta, after they rotate out, only a few cards will have any collectible value, and very small collectible value at that. There are current base set japanese decks up on eBay for around $50 and I could not see this deck which is around $35 eclipsing that of its 20 year old counter partner. However just my opinion.

Cheers :blush:

Maybe I’m a bit clueless… What are these items?

Only way to obtain the set in the Japanese release, was through these decks. The japanese generations did not have the crazy amount of EX’s that english did and the radiant collection was released through a separate set.

Oh right that deck! Thanks @smellyblueberry

That’s the one with the Zapdos EX and stuff inside. I remember these now :blush:

Correct, zapdos and articuno ex were almost considered secret rares in this set. Still would of been cool to have some of the holo’s be apart of the decks like the old days instead of just in CP6 but then again I digress.

The Blastoise one is very easy to tell apart from the other two, being that it’s much smaller in the sealed state than the random Zard/Saur.

I think these will see a rise in value, but nothing too dramatic.

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The Blastoise box also has a different back.