This seller seems extremely dodgy? UPDATED

This looks so dodgy its not funny. A seller who has never sold pokemon cards before suddenly has every rare card ever.

Selling like 5 1st ed base Charizard, every booster box in existence and complete sets.

and best of all shipping from China.

I thought maybe someone selling off their entire collection but there is 0% consistency with any pictures taken. The Legendary booster box is being sold 3 times each time a completely different picture.

On top of that I’m 100% sure if seen most of the pictures before for items for sale recently.

And lastly there’s 0 product description, just a title.

Can someone take a look and confirm what I’m thinking? Everything seems to have bids on them already and that’s a lot of money if this guy/girl is going to scam and run. Can we report and do something about this?


I have found out how is he is getting away with it and no UK seller has noticed.

All items are listed on eBay UK only and are in no way visible on
All the old listing were listed on and won’t show up as completed listings in the site.

I’ve reported as many listing as i can. It would be good if as a collective we all tried to report as many as possible and get these taken off before any listing ends. Even if later on people get their money back this seller shouldn’t be allowed to run off with the money.

Example of picture using

Pikachu_guy (Reputable Seller)





It seems this guys is just using complete listings and taking photos. This is shameful he is even using the old title

He used the photo from my tropical beaches. Thanks for the heads up, I will report him.

I almost bid on an item and i saw a few negatives on feedback. I had a look didn’t seem anything major so i was about to bid when i check his items and recognized a lot of photos from ebay hunting over the last 6 months.

It would really suck to have hundreds even thousands on some items stuck with paypal while the seller tells you it takes a while to come from China meanwhile he runs with your money. Even if you get your money back it’s unfair that he could have taken the money and run.

Yes, this sort of thing should not exist at all. I always forget how shady people can be until I see something like this.

Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully the seller is reported and removed from ebay. This should not happen ever.

Reported, make sure to include a full description including the item number where the pics were stolen, otherwise eBay will turn the other cheek.

Wow. That looks just plain dangerous.

However, having said that, there is an outside chance that the seller is legit, just too lazy to take pictures of all of the stuff he is selling. And so, he “borrows” pictures from others who already have the items of the things he is offering.

I remember this happening to me all the time back when I was running My staff would sometimes spend hours making really nice photo collages of new Japanese releases, only to find those same collages being used on eBay a few days later — often to sell cards that they ordered from us!

But I agree that this seller looks really, really suspicious.

I thought that possible but few examples that are sorts specific.

Who has these exact holos laying around

Same item for sale 3 times uses 2 different photo sets.

These Exact Charizards

lol i’m sure you get what i mean it really infuriates me.

Unfortunately China is well known for its fakes, unless the seller is tried and proven I would always steer clear, specially for high-value items.

I must admit I saw him when he started listing a few boxes and instantly dismissed them as fakes. Although I know its bad to do as there are probably a good number of reputable sellers it does seem there is a good number of fakes…

Unfortunately looking through his listings some are up to a good price… Hopefully not too many sink a lot of money into them only to have the trouble of claiming it back later.

Either way the seller is supposed to use their own photos. It is one of those ebay policies that is loosely enforced. On less expensive items it is not a big deal. On unique items such as these the seller should provide their own images. It would put a lot of worries to rest.…5&_trksid=p3692

another seller.

ship from china, same pictures, no description, same generic details for shipping and all.

this is getting ridiculous items are about to end but iv reported what i can.

Read more:

The first seller definitely does not have what they are advertising. They literally used three of my auctions which were PSA graded items. Same serial number, title and pictures.

Ebay constantly deals with this sort of thing. I will give them a call and see if they can get the ball rolling.

But thanks for posting it. It is good to get these sort of things removed for the integrity for the hobby.

I feel bad for the folks who are “winning” these auctions…

I know it’s really a shame this was allowed to happen and i have a feeling since little if any were pulled so it may seem a successful model to keep replicating