There's a fire. You can only rescue one card. What is it?

Post your reply, and photo of the card. Just one! Mine would be my BGS 9 Chinese Charizard:

SPOILER: Click to show


My Base set Zapdos! It is the only card I have left from my childhood haha


My Neo Revelations Unlimited Shining Gyarados. It was THEE card I never thought I’d get as a kid and did and inspired to collect ALL Gyarados cards.

Granted, in realistic perspective, since THAT card is in a binder currently full of all of my Gyarados cards with the exception to my PSA 7 Base Set Unlimited Gyarados, it’d honestly be easier to grab the entire binder than try to take the card out of it. XD

Yet I get the point of the Thought Experiment, so yeah, sticking with that card. :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Here’s the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:

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as of right now
my German neo Espeon or my psa 10 sabrina’s espeon
but yea I’d obv try to take the whole binder of cards aswell lol


Where’s the pics guys?!

Base Set Poliwag because it can use Water Gun.


My Dutch Unlimited Base Charizard. Only for the sentimental value.

If my cards would ever be destroyed by fire (or great water damage) I don’t think I’ll even try to rebuild my collection.
It would be too expensive to restart and I think if years of collecting is destroyed in minutes the fun in collecting cards is over.
I hope it will never happen, but if it does I’m glad a have the cards insured.

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It’d probably be my 2010 Lottery Suicune.
Favorite Pokemon-favorite color-favorite artwork :3


You need a water energy to use that attack. But that would mean you would need to save two cards. Sorry dude.

As for me, I’d choose base set Charmander. It was the card that started it all for me.


I’m ruined.


Would have to be my PSA 9 japanese grand party promo as it is the best card I have at the moment.

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But it was Charmander who started the fire! :blush:



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OMg… this is freaking hard to choose…

I really like this thread Joe.

IF! I had an uncut Pokemon base set sheet, I would take that because its technically one piece?.. right…?

but I don’t unfortunately… so, maybe the base set Charizard I pulled as a kid…

Sigh… this is so hard to choose.

It’s an interesting question because I think it shows your taste as a collector. Some people go for cards they have a personal attachment to (like myself) who collect for the appreciation of that feeling. Then there’s collectors who collect for the sake of rarity who are connoisseurs of the collecting world.

Then there are those who look at the one card that could be sold for the most amount of money so they can buy their lost collection, those are the practical collectors. :stuck_out_tongue: XD


That’s a good point @azul ryu

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Well for me to get my favorite psa card I’d have to go to the card case carrying all of them. In an emergency I’d be able to take 150 to 180 psa 10s from my collection thread.

If I had to pick one I’d take my psa 10 espeon gold star. It’s the most valuable one I have so I’d sell it to regain my collection.

I’d snag the little baggy that contains our (Sammy and Myself) 1999-2000 Fossil Set. I imagine it being the least replaceable.