There are now over 1000 PSA 10 Charizard SV49 slabs

*Late edit* There’s also ~150 black labels and ~400 BGS 10’s

The card is still regularly selling for over 1000 on eBay even though the set still being printed.

On an unrelated note, I’ve also started to see people post PSA slabs in my local rural area.

I can’t help but feel that there’s definitely more speculative spending going on rather than genuine interest in the hobby and that this is a serious bubblebath warning for the hobby in general. What are your guys’ thoughts?


Buy vintage cards, leave new prints to the hype enthusiasts.


I collect hidden fates
But not after any slabs, strictly binder fun

Don’t chase many newer cards for investment purposes. Personally the Reshiram/Charizard and Burning Shadows are better cards.
Guess the price will depend on if this is last ever printing of HF. Everyone and there mom has 20 boxes out there hoping they will go for hundreds in a year.


That card in PSA 10 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon imo. Considering how much product has been produced and opened, 1000 isn’t too bad. 10 Centering on those things are harder than people think.

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The card is popular and very hard to pull.

A high pop doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an abundance of that card out there on the market.



yup opened 67 packs and so far no shiny zard yet, heck still no shiny eveeloution yet either. I did get two shiny ho-oh so far.

This is partly why I have been coming at a different angle, some other languages are harder to get. The Chinese or Mandarin version aren’t flying off the shelf but I am interested to see where they go. I bought a few Thai cards, not popular but I find them unique.

I’m on the fence about this card. My gut tells me to just stay away and focus on things I can better quantify/understand (which is what I do) but there are fair arguments for this card. Yeah condition is great and yeah modern is heavily printed but there are two factors going for this card that are keeping it afloat in my opinion:

  1. No booster box. For how popular this set is, it isn’t really economical to tear through pack after pack. If you want to open massive quantities there is a significant loss going to how expensive collection boxes and elite trainers and whatever else it comes in are.

  2. Insane pull rate. Any individual shiny full art card from Hidden Fates (specifically in our case the most popular, Charizard) actually has a crazy difficult pull rate that we haven’t seen in a while. This set went insanely overboard with the number of ultra rares (or however they’re called) making it nearly impossible to track down a specific card you want.

These two factors make this card less of an inevitability and more of a lucky find. In older sets, say Base Set, you have an extremely good chance of getting Charizard out of a booster box. Sure that’s a lot of up front cash to pay, but you can at least be reasonably certain that your Charizard is within that. Without the guaranteed pull rates of the booster box and the insane number of these higher rarity cards (again 12 holos in a Base box out of 15 possible vs no guarantee in product out of god knows how many full art shinies) actually add some difficult of acquisition. Pokémon strangling the supply of the set does help keep it up but these factors I mentioned should not be underestimated. For what it’s worth it’s the only post-Flashfire Charizard I would consider holding onto instead of getting out the door as fast as possible should I pull it from a pack, but that’s my opinion. It also helps that this tag team bullshit is over because I can’t imagine someone actually liking Reshiram and Charizard (shiny Charizard by himself is infinitely better) but again that’s me.

Also, I think the grade doesn’t really matter for this card and such a high premium doesn’t belong on a modern set in the adult aware collector era with great print quality.


Is there any info out there as to how much product has been opened/sold?

I still don’t believe in these new cards. Printed to hell and back with an insane amount of copies floating around. Almost everyone that pulls it immediately drops it in a sleave. That’s not something we all did when we were kids, but that’s just the culture in 2020. There is certainly something to say for the demand. If it’s popular and everyone wants their own copy, then the price is justified. But do I think there are a bunch of “investors” sitting on them and slowly trickling into the market so they don’t get too competative with prices? Yep.


Eh. I’d love to see rainbow make a graph about the estimated amount of this card floating around/still being printed. There is something to say about the grade. If a 10 is tough to get because of centering, ok maybe that keeps the 10 high. But that should just mean there’s going to be insane price variance between a 9 and a 10 as these cards continue to pump out into market over time.

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It is basically a “modern rookie”

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Apart from the pop count and total printed, does anyone else just not like the looks of this card? I dunno, I just don’t get this one


If it was gold, then I’ll be after it.

Secret Rare Gold Ultra Necrozma probably is the rarest SM era set card.

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This card is giving me a headache! I originally pulled one from my second Hidden Fates tin. Sent it off to be graded, thought it’d grade a 9 due to centering but came back a 10 luckily. I then sold it and purchased one for £100 less than I sold that one for as this one had better centering. Heard about the Hidden Fates ‘reprint’ so I thought may aswell sell while prices are high and pick one up when the reprint happened. Turns out there’s no reprint in the UK and prices are heading towards 1k even when there’s now 1k 10’s graded! Tbh, I’m not overly bothered as I’d much rather own WOTC Charizards so I’d rather put money into those but the prices for this card are just blowing my mind.

Yeah I’m not sure why this card is still selling for as much as it is lol. The population increases and will continue to increase, how much actual demand is there for this card in PSA 10? I never see it in people’s collection goals literally just gets graded and flipped from what I see.


I firmly believe the price for this card in PSA 10 will settle at $500 or less. I sure hope I’m wrong. I have a very minty copy in my binder that is a lock 9, probably a 10 but isn’t likely to ever get graded. How many more are out there like that?

The shine is intense!

EDIT: if I was to place any bets on a modern card it would be the hyper rare Charizard from burning shadows. The one in this pic was pulled by my daughter directly from a sealed case. It was immediately sleeved. It came from the factory like this. That is not edge wear - what you can’t see are the heavy machine lines on all four sides of the cards. Sadly lots of the hyper rares we pulled were like that right from the case. “Rare” and hard to grade. But it’s still pop 647!


I agree. If you just logically look back at vintage sets and realize you can get a base set charizard PSA 9 for less than a Shiny Zard 10 that is still in print, you would come to realize that this card is overvalued. The card has over 1k PSA 10 examples and hasnt even been in existence a full year yet. Imagine how many PSA 10 copies of this card will be available of this card once it matures for 10-20 years like base set zard, I cant even imagine. No reason this card should be 1k right now.

And it still sells…

Even better, m FA Charizard from evolutions has 2,364 Psa 10 copies. And the price recently increased.