Crystal Charizard Psa 10 listings over saturated??

Anyone notice how many crystal charizard psa 10’s keep hitting the market? Why do people keep killing this price? This card has dropped drastically and I see so many 10’s listed. Hardly do you see any other grades in this card. What are your thoughts?

I guessing a decent amount of people bought it as an investment and now they’re selling out. Some peoples priorities might’ve also changed and now they want different cards.

But look on the bright side, now collectors can get the card at a cheaper price, and maybe the value will go back up in due time.


There’s also been a lot of skyridge hype and boxes/packs being opened recently. Some were bound to be pulled and sent in for grading.

Really? Iv only recently seen people keeping any boxes sealed now from skyridge feels like you rarely hear of them being opened now with the price inflation.

Why do people see someone selling their card as them “killing the price”? I literally had multiple messages on my PSA 10 skyridge zard that I sold a month or two back at auction bitching at me for just that. When someone shilled my auction because they didn’t like what I had done (the audacity I had to auction an item that I owned!), I opted to put it as a BIN for the price that the auction ended. I got further messages and another thank you for “killing the price”.

Supply and demand. Just deal with it. Prices go up and then you have a few things happen at the same time. Holders of the card become sellers at some point and then more packs get opened and more raw cards get graded to chase that PSA 10. Same thing goes for a lot of PWCC auctions. Sure PWCC does list in a shitty way that has a downward influence on price but the fact is that the people who consign through them often have a way lower cost basis on those items and are just ready to sell out at whatever the market deems appropriate. Prices don’t just climb and climb without any pullbacks. It’s natural to have some ebbs and flows but a lot of people on this forum just can’t seem to deal with prices lower than the last sale price.


Complaining that someone else is selling a card a certain price that you don’t want them to sell it at is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

What’s next, complaining about other people breathing too much air?


What did you sell at?

I understand what you are saying I just think that prices dropping $1,000 quickly on a card (not just this but others as well) is pretty dramatic. Makes peoples confidence waiver in the hobby as you can unknowing be paying thousands of dollars to many for cards that drop over night. Anyway just made this post because I was curious what everyone was thinking and why they seemed to drop nearly $1k in the last couple months. Seems like the 9 follows way to closely guess becaus you don’t havw nearly as many sellers off loading.

Were you as concerned when it went up $1000 just as quick?


Wow, this is pretty much bullying. Maybe they should try getting a real career instead of “investing” in trading cards.

I hope people like this never prosper in this community.

Was there also perhaps a bit too inflated/too fast of a hype behind skyridge recently in the last year? Its not like Crystal Charizard is crashing or anything on that frame it seems - but perhaps converging back to a more proper supply/demand price

@crystalcollector149 my auction ended on 4-29 at $2850 but was shilled by one of the whiners. I then relisted it the next day and it sold quickly at $2799 a price that I was happy to take considering I had much less into it than that.

Edit to add: As someone else mentioned above it all needs to be kept in context too. Almost every PSA 10 Pokemon card was going for less only a couple years back and many of them shot up drastically. Some of the increases weren’t “real” in a lot of ways just took the market some time to catch up.

Impatient sellers always get blamed for “tanking the price” when they sell through PWCC but I’d spread a lot of the blame to impatient buyers who spent far too much for cards and allowed them to climb higher than they should have so quickly.

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Being deterred about a cards price going down is not really something to fuss over. These cards all balance out to the price they are ment to be at. Eventually it will rise. When it rises to fast it will adjust and even out. If it’s bothersome to see a card drop in value then just buy the card at a lower grade or ungraded to reduce worry about money on an individual card. If the value is more important than the enjoyment of the actual card, what’s the point in having it?

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All zards are sinking! Get out now while you still can. :blush:

I bought this card for $3000 as an “investment” beginning of January this year when the most recent sale was $4350 and pokemon was really booming and basically everything was in an upward trend. Also thinking, “wow a charizard crystal, from one of the most popular and scarce sets in the TCG??? This must only go up!!!”… Currently crying but I love the card and the previous owner pulled it from a booster box so it’s an absolute flawless 10 so i’m not that mad. As an investment i’ll probably end up losing this one, but you can’t just buy pokemon cards with the expectation of “automatic profits” either (which i think many people assume). Can’t win em all, but I sure can try and catch em all amiright

edit; also I don’t think it helped that for a span of 2 months this year the only one publicly available (I think?) was one that was auctioned 4 times over by the same person… after that it certainly began to dip and I think that’s when people started to offload them

All of skyridge has cooled off, seeing much less of it on instagram as well. It will go back up but there was a ton of it graded, populations doubled in a relatively short time.

Also the crystals as individuals aren’t any more rare than the rest of the holos in the sets.

I think it’s a decent investment. It’s just a matter of how long of an investment you are making. Correct me anyone if I’m wrong but most of the huge money people get back from selling cards is after waiting many years. I promise as long as Pokémon doesn’t go out of business (which is a whole other conversation) that this card will be worth more than you bought it for in 10 years. Pokémon investment as stated before is a long term investment. Pretty sweet that you’ve got a flawless PSA 10 crystal Charizard though until it becomes the right time to sell, I know people that would love to own a card like that


I mean sure if you hold on to anything for long enough it will be an investment. Look at the Highlander, he ended up rich by hoarding shit for hundreds of years and then opening up a high end antique shop. The problem is that we aren’t all immortals or dark elves, unfortunately. So most people are looking for investments that pay off within 5ish years

Alot of serious collector’s are all about the long term game (5+ years).

You’ll probably be alright long term, “investments” aren’t short term, you should be looking at 5-10 year holds.