The New E4 Marketplace

Building off of the massive success of the E4 Vault, which was started last year, the staff team is now excited to share the latest evolution of our vault services: a proprietary marketplace! This will also represent the reintroduction of sales to E4, albeit in a slightly different format.

The E4 Marketplace will work exactly the same as every other vault marketplace. Just like PSA, PWCC, eBay, Goldin, DNCardWorld, and others, you:

  • Ship your cards (no CGC 8.5s please) to the E4 Vault/Marketplace.
  • State your intent to sell your cards either in the E4 Hourly Auction (more info below) or the fixed price marketplace.
  • Collectors from all over the world may or may not bid on your items.

It’s just like all the other vaults. Except this one is on E4. So there’s that.

However, with all the budding marketplaces out there, we feel it is necessary to provide a unique and memorable service. The features of the combined E4 Vault and Marketplace are designed to produce an objectively superior customer and submitter experience. These features include:

  • We are located in Long Beach, California, with direct access to PSA, but also an attractive 10.25% sales tax rate.

  • The E4 Hourly Auction: Weekly auctions take too long. We know the majority of Pokemon collectors have an average of $75,000 in Pokemon assets yet struggle to maintain a bank account balance above $10. When unexpected expenses like lunch, dinner, and rent strike, the E4 Hourly Auction will get you paid fast.

  • The E4 Fixed Price Marketplace: a revolutionary forum thread-based listing system for selling your cards.

  • Transparent and modern fee structures: the boomer premium is outdated. Selling fees deducted from your profits are barbaric, we know you need all that money to cover your unexpected rent payment. E4 Vault/Marketplace fees are either invoiced after the sale (you can put them on your credit card) or you can just send your next 50-card or more PSA return to us. Just PSA. No CGC.

  • A variety of shipping options: The E4 Vault/Marketplace will only use the most reliable shipping options: uninsured FedEx packages flown directly to their Memphis hub daily. For our UK partners, shipping is handled via Hermes.

We look forward to launching the E4 Vault/Marketplace as soon as the prices for Japanese waifus come down a bit.


I was pre-selected to pilot the marketplace and it really is a great differentiated product. I participated in the hourly auctions and won some amazing cards.

However, I did forget I don’t have any money, but now just have to wash Ethan’s car for a few years and have to carry Scott to work each day. A small price to pay. Thank you E4!!!


My rent check could need to be written at any moment within an hour! Can we get minute by minute auctions please?


Outstanding venture, I’m very impressed. Fedexing everything I have through Ludkins with money borrowed from my local usurer right now.

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i can’t :rofl:

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I demand both seller fees and a buyer’s premium so both sides are happy :triumph:

LMAO this one got me



Wheres the option to connect my dogecoin wallet as preferred payment? Otherwise not bad

Do you accept carrier pigeons?

Can I get an auction cash advance on items sent to the Hourly Auction?

I think you meant DNACardWorld, not DNCardWorld. Did you mean to type DN? I’m not familiar with them. What does DN mean?


No, the DNCardWorld vault only accepts Gulpin, Swalot, Slugma, Rhydon, and Koraidon cards. They also accept all Dragon-type cards.


What is your buyers remorse return policy? I only ask because my dear son is very active in the late hours of the night and often likes to sneak out of his crib and access my phone to make purchases…


Our return policy is quite clear, the death penalty.


Really glad to see this, I try to do most of my business out of California for their generous tax rates.


RIP to the children who use their parents’ eBay accounts to bid on shiny cardboard.


Please, we wouldn’t be so barbaric. Children who bid on cards just go to the gulag. Parents, on the other hand…

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All non-paying buyers are given a one way ticket to an island where they can bid and not pay on their cards. :upside_down_face: