Announcing E4 LIVE: The Evolution of the E4 Marketplace

After being introduced last year, the E4 Marketplace has seen unprecedented success. Thanks to your patronage, we now generate approximately $0.10/week in ad revenue, enough to provide @pfm with one ultra modern non-holo Lopunny as a thank you for his dev work.

However, your illustrious mod team has no plans of stopping there. This year, we are introducing E4 Live! E4 Live is an exciting new live auction and shopping platform. It’s just like every other live shopping platform, but we have some unique features:

  • Guest appearance of Ken Goldin

  • The E4 Live Launch Day will kick off with a vintage box break extravaganza. We have 1000 boxes of Base Set 1st Edition, 500 boxes of 1st edition Neo Destiny, 500 boxes of Skyridge, 300 boxes of EX Dragon Frontiers, and most exciting of all, 1 box of Evolving Skies. All of these boxes were obtained in totally legitimate ways.

  • The excitement doesn’t stop after Launch Day. We currently have 10,000 Super Crazy Alpha Mystery Boxes ready for sale. Bidding for each box opens at $100, and each box is guaranteed to contain epic hits like one graded Charizard*, one vintage booster pack**, and one lock of @fourthstartcg’s hair***.

  • E4 Live combines the best features of all your favorite live shopping apps, but we’re innovating with features from all your favorite gambling apps too. On E4 Live, “raffle” isn’t a dirty word, and we’re proving it by raffling off a PSA 3 Trophy Kangaskhan! To get in the main raffle, you can enter up to 50 mini-raffles ($300/spot, 1000 spots per mini) or buy your way into the main raffle for $5,000 (800 spots). Place live bets on which E4 member will get banned next, or play the props: how many posts will @mrbubbles like in a week? Over/under is 500.

  • Unfortunately, many live shopping apps are plagued by scams, including pack switching, hit switching, raffle rigging, and more. We’re combating these unscrupulous actions by bringing in buyer protection experts from Yahoo Japan and Buyee.

E4 Live will launch at the crack of dawn on the day we get a signing event by someone other than Arita. We are projected to dominate the entire nerdcore space in 14 months.

Disclaimers: * “graded Charizard” refers to any card that has been assessed and encapsulated by PSA (lol u thought), CGC, BGS, SCG, EMA, Tree Frog Grading, AGS, or that one guy on eBay that made his own grading company to sell his cards. **vintage is defined as pre-2024. ***may or may not be from his head.


OMG :skull_and_crossbones:


This guy is right. No way e4 has that many 1st edition boxes


E4 Live bets

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I got early access to one of the Super Crazy Alpha Mystery boxes, and am so happy with my lock of Ethan’s hair! I have put it in my shrine next to all the others. Some may question if it’s real, but I can assure you it smells authentic!!!


Finally, a trustworthy platform to spend my single :bunnytoken:


Ah I see you have one too :bunnytoken:


If we pool all of our :bunnytoken: together, we could own a fractional share of @pfm’s collection :exploding_head:


I thought they let us own a fractional share of @pfm?


I am excited for the mini-raffles. There’s no better way to scratch my gambling itch than by increasing the layers and degrees of risk. I am gathering the funds from my lifesavings as we speak.


So stoked for the raffles! If you buy enough tickets you literally cannot lose.


Let me know if you need a charismatic patsy to perform your sleight of hand scams live on camera. I make a terrific fall guy.


Can I get a base 1st charizard for $0.01 K ty

Now this is an idea I can get behind

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Its ok, its fractionalized


Okay so where’s our April Fools day badge for the thread?


What?! You mean this isn’t real😭


I fell for it until I got to the mystery boxes line haha

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Asking the real questions here

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