The Giant Professional Grading Thread

Specials don’t feel very special anymore.


Got lucky and landed a 10 on this guy…seems like a 9 to me but I guess I’ll take it PSA.


Their volume is high enough that they can definitely stop and land at each step on the way down. $15 could be the new floor outside of specials now, only PSA will know if that is the case or not.

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Congrats! :tada:

Is there a way to tell the date/year when a card was graded by psa? I know bgs tells you the exact day it was graded but I’m fine with just the year for psa

No, sadly. You just kinda have to know the era of each cert to get a general time frame


Maybe the most stupid question this year, but is it possible to cossgrade a PSA card to PSA. I want new label and slab… Or do I risk PSA 9

No question is ever stupid. Yes they can recase the card if you want a new case/label. No need to crack the slab

Ah that’s what I thought. Figured it didn’t hurt to ask anyway

How would one go about getting a niche card graded that isnt tcg and hasnt been graded before?

Go to PSA’s Customer Request Center and fill out a research request.


Very helpful, thanks Dyl


From a statistical point of view. How hard is it to grade early wotc holos in a high grade? Given that these cards are almost 30 years old and have either been sitting in packs for that long or just out in the open or a sleeve.

The average pack fresh WOTC holo is an 8-9 range card


But what about the recently printed WOTC cards? Maybe they got new blades now…
Wake up sheeple!
(Still waiting for more evidence!)


psa 11 all round

BGS BL for sure!

Yup. I would even go as far to say you have a better chance of pulling a 7 out of a pack than a 10 for WOTC holos.


Interesting, because of print lines?

Depends on the set. Print lines are very prevalent in the Neo era.

But in addition to print lines, there is typically some sort of whitening or dings on the corners. Sometimes the edges have light fraying. Silvering is also an issue, particularly in Jungle and Fossil.

WOTC holos are brutal to grade.