The Giant Professional Grading Thread

Wow I had no idea. Thank you!

Small PSA: CGC now grades metal cards again


Nice – thanks for posting! Was literally debating on sending a little cross grading attempt batch off to Beckett or CGC, and now you’ve made the decision easy to send in my raw metal cards that got rejected by PSA like the day after the shut them off lol.

Hi everyone, I am curious to know what PSA grade you would expect for this card since I have never submitted a card which is that bent. I know, just from seeing the pictures you cant be 100% sure, but it would still be nice to hear some oppinions on what grade I could expect for this card :slight_smile:

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I would expect any grade between 1 and 4


This would make an excellent binder copy.



How do people get PSA to grade cards not on their list?

I’ve got yugioh cards that are quite rare/never graded before.

Ask PSA via the research center. I graded many obscure TCG cards this way.

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If a similar card/card from the same set is on the list, just submit with a custom name instead of picking from the list. They will add it to the database when they grade your card, and correct your entry if it’s not what they want on the slab.

I was the first to submit some Lost Origin cards, they only had Charizard and Giratina alt in the database so I used the same structure and just replaced the card name/number for the ones I wanted to submit while using the same verbiage as those other entries.

Also as @hermit says, if you have something very obscure, you can reach out to have the entry added ahead of time.


Be aware if you do this with foreign language cards it doesn’t work.
I did send an Italian Firered Leafgreen Charizard EX and got it returned ungraded because they couldn’t verify the release date of the set. I serious laughed about that because official there is only 1 release date which is always the english one.
Even if a 'translated" set is later on the market for the game the english release counts.


You can use their Customer Request Center. I’ve done so before when I wanted to grade the Korean ©2020 Ancient Mew. I added a link to the official Korean Pokémon page for it at the time, and an additional article.

As long as you provide sources, they’ll probably add it. Even if you’ll provided a wiki page (e.g. Bulbapedia for Pokémon) you’ve updated yourself. :wink: For Yu-Gi-Oh that would probably be Yugipedia and/or Yu-Gi-Oh! | Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki | Fandom).



Thankyou all, I’ve gone done Quuador route first and hope they accept it. If not I’ll smuggle grade them as the normal version of the card.

Im kinda having a hard time believing someone stole the first 6 and last 14 cards… why would somebody not just take all of them? I cant help but feel like theyve misplaced them. I also chose not to buy insurance for my package when i shipped it, so im kinda screwed if theyre actually gone… this is the list of cards i sent.

1st Edition Base Machop
1st edition base charmander
No Symbol holo Pidegot
Shadowless Mewtwo
1st edition Erika’s Venusaur holo
1st edition holo Hypno fossil
Feraligatr Neo Premium File
Neo 1 Feraligatr holo JP
Neo 3 Kingdra holo JP
Blaines moltres holo JP
Blaines Arcanine holo JP
Regice ex PLAY
Registeel ex PLAY
Typhlosion ex 1st Miracle of the desert
Jolteon ex delta species
Reverse worlds giratina holo
Alolan Ninetales GX SV
Articuno GX SV
Hidden fates ETB promo
Yu nagaba pikachu
Celebi V special art s-p/175
Celebration fanfare 2022
Radiant Charizard JP
Radiant eevee JP
Shining Magikarp 25th JP
Scarlet & Violet pikachu promo x2

Idk how im gonna feel comfortable sending cards in to get graded now? The first order i had cards come back damaged and now my second order, 75% of the cards i sent have just mysteriously disappeared. Wtf


This situation really sucks. Did you ship USPS? If so I’d file a claim that your mail was tampered with. From my understanding, postal inspectors don’t mess around

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Shipped internationally with fedex :frowning:

Wow this is horrible. :frowning:

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Big sad my friend :cry:

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And its my birthday in 3 days :smiling_face_with_tear:


ask a copy of your shipping/custom forms. You should have filed how many cards were in your package. Fedex should be able to help.
If that amount is correct you can “proof” untill Customs USA how many card you did send.

It makes no sense to remove only a few cards from a shipment for any “thief”.


I will definitely do that, thank you! I also think it makes no sense for someone to open a package, take 20 cards, put 7 back, repackage and deliver it. I absolutely feel like they are at PSA somewhere.

Its frustrating because the first thing they did was ask me if i had pictures of the box or package before i sent it (i didnt). Then the next email is like “the box appears to have been tampered” but they cant send me any pictures or anything of the box, or tell me whats made them think its tampered. It just feels like im kinda getting the book thrown at me a bit and i cant do anything because i didnt keep an image log of the entire process.

Teachable moment: take pictures of your package, in case something like this happens.