The Charizard Authority's Collection

I have wanted to make a thread here, but have put it off. I will start off with my booster box collection. The video has been published, but not completely processed, so it will start up whenever Youtube decides to process the last 5%. My new internet is very slow. I started the upload 8 hours ago haha:


Nice! Looking forward to this video when it is done. Been subscribed to your channel for a long time, long before I joined this forum. I’d liek to see your sheet collection too!

8 hours is nothing…it took me 23 hours to upload my latest videos, and they weren’t even in 1080p! (Chinese internet through a VPN…)

*slow hand clap*

Well done Rusty, well done.

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Amazing video, really enjoyed watching it. :blush:

Very impressive booster box collection! Look forward to seeing more of your collection.

Wow what a booster box collection, cant wait to see the rest!

your discipline is incredible…if I had those…well it would be a mass box opening video and not a video of my sealed box collection lol.

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One of the objective I had in starting this particular collection was to make sure there is at least 1 sealed copy of these boxes out there. I realize there is probably dozens to thousands of each, but I look at MTG and wonder. The older boxes are incredibly hard to find, or even hear of existing anymore. Just the sealed packs alone are ridiculously expensive.

With everyone opening WOTC boxes up on Youtube, the market is bound to dry up.

The only WOTC box I have ever opened was a Neo Genesis 1st edition box back when I was around 12. Opening box after box of the new stuff also makes me almost indifferent to pack pulls, so it is easy to just look at the historical and business side of keeping them sealed.


This video should have more views :wink:

Awesome collection for sure

Maybe if I had more of a personality!

I find it odd that the XY Base box opening has 150k+ views, but videos with the more rare items generally get around 1000

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I’m thinking a large amount of the views are coming from younger kids who dont care for the older rare stuff


Before I stopped doing videos for Youtube, my XY Box Openings had the most views by a long margin. It was weird.

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It’s because on YouTube if you are quick to posting a video right as something new is coming out people will watch it to see if they want to buy the product themselves. Once the first week has been established and so many people viewed the video because it was one of the first, it’ll be on the top of the search list for YouTube videos in that category. Many of your top videos are because they feature new sets that were uploaded the day of/even before the sets came out (i.e. primal clash).

People love drinking the kool-aid with new products :wink:

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Rustys too busy to come outside and play with us;)


This is pretty awesome! It really does make me wonder how many are out there unopened. There has to be collectors that have hoarded them from their release or just sitting in the back of peoples closets. Do they ever make public how many many boxes are even distributed? I know there have been serial numbers on the inside of the lids of the view I have opened. Are those linked to a sequential production number?

It’s crazy to see how much prices have jumped since I last looked at some of these boxes. So much regret haha.

As far as the Aquapolis box goes, where was the non-WOTC stamped one made? Could be a weird box from Australia like the red logo stuff.

I paid quite a bit, but very excited to get this in:

Just waiting on the mail to deliver.

Big thanks to Carissa if she is on here. I would not have seen it without that link


shit!!! you got it!


Sick addition, surely worth all the waiting.

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