the annoying fake reaction guy stoops to new low for kids


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Sadly things like this normalize the idea of custom cards. The younger kids that watch him then learn it’s okay and it’s not.

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I don’t understand why would anyone want those cards. Ugly af…



I don’t know how someone can enjoy this, it is so disingenuous. He acted suprised to see every single card and had a new favourite every minute.

Unfortunately cancerous videos like these will get kids to actually buy custom cards. Sometimes kids will have to learn the hard way though.

I’m still willing to argue that videos like these could have a net positive effect on the hobby in the long term but it’s still vapid, misinformed cancer.

If you are forced to watch the video…

Step 1: Turn sound OFF
Step 2: Turn closed captioning ON
Step 3: Enjoy! It’s pretty much what I hear anyway.


How has the pokemon company not sued him yet?

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Carrot approves this.


2,5 seconds of my life I am never getting back …


Okay I have to say for once I actually feel for the guy, as annoying he might be with his stuff and hype… Someone actually sent him shit. Like, literal shit shipped in a box! That’s not ok ever.

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Poop channel gets poop.

I see nothing wrong here.

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if you thanked your fans based on the rarity/ price of the package they sent you, you might deserve a turd being sent to you every once in awhile.


This fuckhead

That shit was funny haha, pardon the pun

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Pretty standard stuff for Youtubers P.O Boxes.


I think alot of people would love to recieve shit once in a while if they get to open boosters for a living. Guys the salt is real… We all would love to be this successful. xD

The great thing is… He will earn a fair amount of money from recieving this poo xD Not many can say they hit the jackpot of shit in the mail … Tiz quite the achievment right there.

Fake cards was a very unwise move… But again, he isnt very knowledgeable, and doesnt pocess the infos we do. Im sure if he new and understood some other peoples perspectives and spent alot more time on the stuff we do… He probably wouldnt feel the same way.

But again… He is really good at jumping on whatever is out ect… Thats why his successful… to him his just looking to make videos eceryday and improve his channel and create content immediently that he thinks will interest his viewers.

One of the reasons he is successful is because he doesnt have a robotic personallity. His good at hyping the hypstons, and has a great personallity in general. His creating a massive influence on a gran scale, and awareness for pokemon which will have a positive effect much larger then you or I will ever create. Its going to cause some serious memories in the hearts of the childrenz. The exposure is real.

There will always be haters out there, but at the end of that day. His the one bringing in 50k views lol on a piece of shit.


His reaction seemed r****eally fake… And he touched his clothes, face, hair after handling the box. If that were me or any other normal person i’m pretty sure washing your hands and getting that box the fuck out of sight would be the first priority. Not sitting next to it for 1 min and 13 seconds talking about it.


Well you see/

When running a successful youtube channel.

You have to consider every single thing you do on camera.

What works for audience… WHat generated hype ect.

not everything is going to be dry.

If i get on camera and be boring, i dont think ill get much views lol.

IMO it was scripted, and a bad attempt to revive his somewhat dying channel and maybe bring more views in. He used to average 400k-1.4mil views a video…

Now hes lucky to break that 100/150k view mark.

Idk. His reaction was just super unauthentic to me.

I wouldnt call that a dieing channel. xD

You cant always keep up 400k-1.4k mill consistency.

Maybe it was scripted, but thats the point. Thats what you have to do in this business.

You dont have to do it always, but alot of people do, and it works great.

People make mistakes though, sometimes they only get 150k views xD

Let me show you what a dieing channel looks like.

Someone pulling in 80k views every few days is no wear near dieing.

Really though… nothing is truely authentic. Everyone has an agender. Its just what appeals to the masses in this business that matters.
So if its not authentic, doesnt mean its illegal xD

people always have something against this guy one way or another. IF he does the other option, theyll focus on the next thing they dont agree with. Theres always going to be heavy criticism or shit talking to those who are successful. Its part of our human salty nature. Bitterness is an emotion that lines up with resentment, and resentment is the foundation of hatred… Do not travel to the darkside young one.

Go in peace and serve the the god of love.

I mean My channel was shit, i did nothing with it and put nothing into it… But he is successful from putting everything into it. IM not going to go around insulting people with successful channels because what ever reason makes me feel mine should be ect or anything like that… I know i didnt put in much like alot of people who probably hate this guy for being successful because they gave it a fair shot but Regardless of the emotions of saltyness… I dont think its right to try and cause damage to peoples reputation maliciously, thankfully noones going to care what we say anyway. It isnt going to change anything, So people can continue the salty hatred trend on unlisted leaf, but it will not matter… I hope. Sometimes though the weight of the hatred on these youtubers does get to them, and i think thats what people want. They want to drag others down. Not saying thats the peoples in this thread intention, but if you dont realise what your doing, or sound like… Here it is. Some people will probably do it more now just because of this post. xD

Did my post help unlisted leaf, or peeps from turning to the darkside. I hope so lol.

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