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I’m clearly lacking with my comic knowledge since i didn’t know of the existence of this :smile: quod erat demonstrandum


What I don’t know and have never thoughtr to ask, what does XKCD stand for?

Apparently nothing. (TIL as well. :person_shrugging: )




Randall Munroe when registering


Idk if this is a technical issue or if it’s because I’m on iOS but when I scroll sometimes everything starts going nuts. Like the page seems like it’s going up and down 20 times a second. It’ll last for about 2-3 seconds then stop. Only does it when the scrolling stops.

Happens about 70% of the time.

I think this is a problem I’ve fixed before. I haven’t experienced it myself in a while. How long has it been happening for?

Does anyone else have this issue?

For about 10-11 days now. When it happens a lot I’ll just go back to the home page of the forum. Then i refresh the page again because I have New and Unread notifications but nothing shows up. I’m not sure why it happens

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Also the chat also goes bananas occasionally like this. Not often but it happens from time to time. Can’t interact or type.

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And I have gotten the badge even though I’ve never shared a link of any post (but perhaps I clicked by accident the link button next to the flag button).

I don’t know if I should share this in the E4 eBay update thread or ITT, but I’ve never been able to see a picture of the listings shown in the eBay banner on PC (I’m using Firefox as my browser, I am also using the uBlock Origin extension but I’ve marked E4 as trusted and normally uBO should be disabled when I’m browsing the forum).

But when I open E4 on my phone (iOS, Safari), I can see a picture of the listing and it isn’t completely black.

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That’s interesting. The image comes directly from ebay so for some reason you are blocking them or they are blocking you. Potentially i could download the images in advance and host them here but I’ll have to consider the trade-off involved in that

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Maybe it’s because I reject cookies on nearly every single website but this forum? :joy:
Or because I didn’t mark eBay as trusted in uBO? I marked eBay as trusted, but nothing has changed, so this isn’t the problem.


Username checks out


Text alignment (centering, right alignment) has disappeared completely from both post composing and apparently the entire forum. I checked several threads, everything that was centered or right aligned (text and images) is now on the standard alignment.

So the short answer to why this happened is because of this

The plugin that adds the alignment buttons to the toolbar (and also does the alignment itself) was causing this issue above so I took it down for now. I didn’t think it would also break the existing alignment but I guess it has.

It should be easily reversible by adding back the buttons.

It was brought up here. The plugin should hopefully be fixed soon but its a bit out of my hands. If it continues to be an issue I think I have a fix for it. If it’s still broken in a week I’ll implement the fix myself


Ok thanks man. So you think once the buttons come back it will reorient all the threads? Because in theory the [ ] brackets typed in shouldn’t be gone right? Hopefully. It wouldn’t be the end of the world but it would kinda suck.

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So what i’m reading is that i am the problem

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Exactly. If you want to fix something right now you can use the BBCode:

[center] this is centered [/center]

this is centered

[right] right aligned [/right]

right aligned

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A post was split to a new topic: “Is Online Users Bank Slowing You Down too?”

When I edit the original post on my collection thread I end up bumping the whole thread unintentionally. Not sure if that’s a bug or how the site works. Is there a way I can prevent this?