Team Up Charizard Prerelease Card!

The prerelease cards for Team Up have been announced and Charizard will be getting the traditional 2 variants of staff and regular. The other Pokémon are Zapdos, Nidoqueen, and Jirachi.

This is interesting because for the first time in a very long time, the Charizard is actually a very playable card. This will be wanted by players not just collectors. Anyone else excited for this interesting dynamic?

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It’s about time. Great news…

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How do you guys go about obtaining your staff charizards? Do you go straight to the staff at the events or do you just wait for eBay?

Going to the staff at events is a good way if you have a connection with them previously, but they get asked a lot during the event about it so they might be annoyed if you are a stranger. If you know someone who staffs events you can ask them if they are willing to sell, or even ask how to staff the events yourself. They are a ton of fun and its a great way to meet new people in the community.

Generally the best way to obtain it without connections is ebay as soon as you can after the event.

It is also important to note that each staff member only gets one card, so only 1 in 4 will have the Charizard. For evolutions, every staff member at a prerelease got the same variant which was strange. For example, all of the staff at one prerelease event might have received mewtwo, while another prerelease event struck rich with all staff charizards. I hope they make it random for Team Up, because some are much more desirable than others. This is only for the staff variants btw. The prerelease boxes that each attendee receives could have any of the four cards.

Staff packs have changed since, now a store can get multiple staff packs based on attendance and each pack is guaranteed one of each promo now

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I hoped I had covered Charizard by buying a sealed box and stuff, now I also have to dig into those pre-release kits. And I’ve seen, the pre-release I always attend doubled in sign ups the past 2 days. Might not be able to get a few of those.

Not that excited for this Charizard. It’s a little goofy lookin.

Here’s the card for those interested


The art is awesome, I imagine the staff version might go for quite a bit of money in the future…

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Where do you guys think this will price at?

My first thoughts are less than Evolutions because that was a reprint of the iconic Base Set artwork. Also, the distribution model seems to make these more accessible. I could this this being a classic case of everyone pricing high then continuously undercutting each other.


I’m interested. How do we get our staff zards?

Use the event locator to look up local prerelease for an area. If a TO doesn’t really know you, often then won’t respond to an email - but you can go to a store’s event and try and buy a pack (or packs) from a TO/Judges


Fairly logical to be honest. Either way, will definitely be collecting me 2 playsets of the Jirachis - one for play and the other for the collection.

There are definitely going to be more released this go around than back in evolutions because of changes in the model. Stores have been having decreased attendance this season for Pokemon related events, so as usual though its never a sure thing how much stores anticipated in product that they ordered (and therefore in how many promos they received too)

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The Charizard is very playable, so a really good option to actually play it during prerelease events. So quiet a few will get play damage. I am pretty sure the STAFF ones, that hit the PSA10 will a $150 price tag quiet rapidly.

Why do you do this? Couldn’t you not claim those prices?

As for the regular “prerelease” version it will have far less value than the evolutions one solely on the fact they will be released in build and battle decks rather than prerelease decks. Meaning you can purchase these decks anywhere cards are sold at any time while supplies last (not necessarily at a prerelease).
The playability may factor in to make it more valuable but once standard has rotated I wouldn’t be surprised if the price on these cards dropped significantly. If this card does not win in major tournaments then it may never actually gain competitive traction.

There are just way too many factors in actually determining a price right now but since it’s a Charizard it will be more expensive than the other most playable prerelease promos like malamar and oranguru(≈15$).

The staff promo should be a pretty penny as usual though

Those build and battle decks cost around 25 dollars for reference, but yea - they can be bought any time so regular prerelease promos will have a bit of a higher supply. It will definitely be an interesting couple of days to follow on the prices though. One person already listed a Staff Charizard promo on ebay today and sold it instantly for $200. There is definitely more supply than evolutions, but people are also more aware now about the potential price for a prerelease Charizard because of what happened during evolutions, so price expectations will fluctuate

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I watched that auction of the staff charizard and I think he just got someone being super antsy at it. I am hoping that that price cuts in half but I’m sure everyone thinks it’s going to be the next Evolutions staff charizard going for 2k in Gem mint. Still feel like $100 is pretty high just based on speculation and comparability

Edit: another one (looked to be in kinda brutal shape) sold for $300 as a best offer. I contacted the seller

What’s the release date for this?