Staff Promo cards - Generally and Team Up Charizard

Being new to the hobby im kind of interested in how Staff Promo cards holds their value over time as im being offered 2 x Team Up Charizard Staff Promo for 230 EUR each which are not sealed but looks like they could get a PSA 8 or 9 rating.

Would that be a fair price and if I buy them and get them graded, does anyone have insight into how/if these types of cards holds their value over time? It seems kind of wild that a 2-3 month old card sells for $2-3K on eBay in PSA 10 but that might be because it’s a staff promo and a Charizard?

Depends on the card and when you buy, PSA 10 Staff Charizard from Evolutions were selling for $5000+ now they have sold for low $2000s

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Majority of the team up “sales” are illegitimate. It’s currently one of the most shilled and speculative cards on the market. Also it’s easier to grade than the evolutions charizard. Long term for any card depends on its rarity + demand. Neither of these cards are maxed out in either category. Especially the team up zard, which will naturally drop when the pop increases.

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This is solely to complete a Team Up set so I’ll just go with a single one of them.
Ideally I’d like to get it PSA graded but mostly just for the experience of trying it out but that’s for another thread.
Coming from Europe that process might be slightly more convoluted with import charges and so on…

Thank you!

The new SM staff promos are much rarer than the XY staff promos which were in every prerelease kit, now it’s one pack per TO. I have a feeling that staff promos of fan favourites like raikou, suicune, giratina, kyogre, etc. are undervalued. You can pick them up super cheap.

I think they were recently calculated in discord. @djgigabyte knew the rough distribution, and I believe the Evo zard was rarer,

Any reason why?

I know that the distribution was entirely different. Evolution staff promos were sent loose and seemingly at random. Some stores/organizers got all charizards, some got all Machamp, some got a mix, and everything in between. Their loose shipping would also account for the fewer number of 10’s.

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What @alecpokemon said! The distribution was all over the place for Evolutions. Also the PSA 10 grade probability for Team Up is much higher than Evo:

  • Team Up Staff PSA 10 percentage: 30%

  • Evolutions Staff PSA 10 percentage: 12%