Tapp's Buylist (Torchics & More!)

In search of several Torchics for the collection!

Top priorities! Looking for these in any condition, graded or raw:

JP Torchic Gold Star 020/084 (1ED Only) Rocket Gang Strikes Back
HP/Damaged: $150
LP/MP: $250-350
NM: $500

(German) Torchic #006 European POP Tournament Promo
(“Flemmli” name, thin border, silver PokeBall)
HP/Damaged: $200
LP/MP: $400
NM+: $675

(Korean) Torchic Constructed Starter Deck 002/016 Holo

  • This card was only printed in 1st Edition

Any Condition: $70+ (Any price within reason!)

Looking for this Sealed Pack:

Torchic #008 Black Star Promo Sealed Cello Pack
This comes in a sealed pack of 16 cards! I will pay a finders fee for anyone able to source one!

Torchics I am only looking for in PSA 10 or CGC 9.5 ONLY:

Torchic 83/110 (Reverse Holo) EX Holon Phantoms
PSA 10: $150
CGC 9.5: $120

Torchic 69/106 (Reverse Holo) EX Emerald
PSA 10: $250
CGC 9.5: $190

Cards and items I am always buying! Prices dependent upon photos!

JP PokePark’s Torchic 002/009 Holo PokePark Forest Premium File
HP/Damaged: $15
LP: $30

Sealed JP PokePark’s Torchic 047/PCG-P

Sealed JP Torchic 108/XY-P Double Crisis Combini Promo

Staff City Championship 12/111 Furious Fists Promo
HP/MP: $10-15
LP: $20-25
NM+: $45+ (PM Me!)

Error Torchics
PM Me or reach out on discord/eBay!

I’ll pay shipping on top of these prices for any of these chicks. Prices obviously dependent on photos, but I’m not a stickler on condition - Help me complete my goals! :heart_eyes:


I have a pack fresh emerald reverse torchic. It would grade either a 9 or 10. Was planning on grading myself it but happy to help.

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I have a few raw copies but would definitely be interested if you do end up sending it off for grading! If you get the 10 you know who to call! :blush:

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Bump (raised a few prices)

I assume you know about the German one on cardmarket, since you’re using the exact same picture they are :blush:

Yep, just way over what I’m comfortable paying for that particular language

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Bump with updated prices! I removed the French #006 from the list thanks to finally acquiring one this past week and have added a few more cards at the bottom of OP that I am always purchasing

Wanted to drop this here if you’re looking for a graded copy or if you’re willing to crack a slab. I’ve had great experiences buying from kantos_finest and he often accepts best offers.


It’s a beautiful slab and would match my other Japanese PSA 8 perfectly, but it’s listed at around double the last PSA 8 sold. I don’t know how much they’re willing to haggle but I will keep my eyes peeled and appreciate you linking it! Thank you!

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No problem! Send in an offer and he’ll meet you somewhere more reasonable. I think he marked up the price based on what other eBay sellers have listed their copies for.

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Free bump. :wink:

Do you already have the Teach Set 2009 Torchic; you don’t care about it; or forgot to add it to your wanted list?


They’re definitely on my radar, but besides your post giving the background on them there isn’t a lot of information readily available. They are definitely interesting, but I’m unsure on pricing which is my main reason for leaving them off of the buylist for the time being.

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Do you still need some of the English stamp/reverse/holos? I have all of those sets I’ve been debating about breaking up and if the Torchics are clean maybe I’ll try and get em graded.


I am currently only looking for PSA 10 copies of Reverse Holo 69/106 EX Emerald and Reverse Holo 83/110 EX Holon Phantoms. I have every officially released English TCG Torchic, but just need those two to finish off the PSA 10 EX Series Reverse Holos