T-Promotional Needs

This is my first post, and so glad I found a forum just for collecting!

I’m a Youtube Pokemon collector.


I am currently on the hunt for the T-promotional Trainers Magazine card set. I have all but Vol 14. The eeveelutions. I would very much like to complete this set, but I missed my chance about a week ago when UK-card collector put them up on eBay, which sold for a ridiculous 17.00 bucks.

If anyone can put in touch with someone who has these I will be eternally grateful!


Hi packrippa,

I’ve got a Trainers Mag Vol 14 with the cards still sealed in the attached envelope…so mint condition…If you’re interested, make me an offer…Paypal only…


Welcome to the forum! I watched a few of your videos and it looks like you have quite the collection :blush: I especially enjoyed the coro coro promos.

Honestly? Getting all three Eeveelution T promos for $17 is a steal considering the age/rarity of the cards and the popularity of the Pokemon featured.

How’d you get the Legendary Birds? They seem to be the most expensive/evasive of the T Promo sets to me.

Yeah i must admit i was very surprised to get them, let alone get them for such a cheap price :blush:

Welcome Packrippa by the way :blush:

Haha of course your on here!!

btw id like to see a compilation of your stuff, or maybe even some pictures. You re one of maybe 5 i know that currently collects some wicked stuff.

(found my T-14 Promos btw)

Thanks guys!

Welcome packrippa!
Congrats on getting some of those hard to find japanese promos. Also congrats on your recent PSA returns :blush:
I’m ShiningPulls on youtube by the way.

Hey man, just checked out most of your videos. Really enjoyed them, keep doing what you’re doing! I’ll definitely be subscribing to your channel :blush:

Ps. congrats on the error Ninetales, that one is really a cut above the other error cards!