Surprising PSA 10

Having graded cards through PSA since 1994 and being a dealer for 16 years rarely am I shocked by a grade but I was today.

I always assumed, based on similar anomaly’s I’ve seen over all these years, that due to the misprint itself a ghost pikachu would cap out at a maximum PSA 9. I’ve always paid close attention to these cards, especially graded ones, and I’ve seen several 9s but never a 10. Being a consultant I was able to get an explanation. The stamp itself may be worth a 1/2 point deduction which puts it into the grey area we like to call 9 1/2. Most of the time, after review, cards with problems like this will settle into the 9 grade.

Well, this one time I got lucky and I’m thrilled:)

PSA 9s have gone from 100.00 to 300.00.
What is your opinion on the value of this surprise in PSA 10?

Sometimes one cards graded 10 is not better than the same cards graded 9. I’ve sent my 2 vs latios and latias, my grading for them was 8,5-9 and psa grade them 10! It all depends on the person who controls the card.
I think psa does not want a lot of cards in circulation graded 10 and if you send the same cards always in brand new-mint condition you’re not sure of receiving the highest rating.
For these reasons, I prefer to buy cards valued 9 instead of 10. The difference is only in the purchase price.
Sorry for my english hope you can understand what I mean.


Congrats on the PSA 10 Ghost Pikachu. I would suspect a minimum price of $400 on the conservative side. You would definitely have to find the right buyer.


Sounds about right eh?
I listed it already but don’t recall what I listed it for :wink:

Personally, from a collector standpoint, I’m not a fan of the “Ghost Pikachu” cards and can’t see why they’re worth as much as they are. But congrats on getting a PSA GEM MINT 10! You must have been ecstatic!

I do have one question… In my opinion, it’s a pretty well known error. Why doesn’t PSA designate this card as being an error on the label? I assume you alone have submitted many copies of this card, why do they designate it as just being a “normal” 1st Ed. Base Set card?

It’s actually a pretty rare card…much rarer than most errors.
There’s little documentation on it which there must be to designate it.