Super Smash Bros- What Pokemon Do You Want?

Super Smash Bros. is a popular fighting game franchise by Nintendo. Included in the game are fightable Pokémon(Pikachu, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Jigglypuff Lucario are examples). I have not played recent installments in the franchise, but I still keep up to date when there is a new release.

For those of you familiar with the franchise, is there any Pokémon you wish you could fight as?

I would’ve loved to play as Butterfree. I think using different powders and flying around would be fun and create strategic gameplay. As for something more Orthodox, I would like to fight as Pinsir. Those pinsirs could be powerful.


Ditto would be awesome. Give him a weak set of moves, but the big draw would be the ability to transform into a copy of one of the players you are battling against. Make Ditto turn into slightly off versions of the other characters.

I would really like to see Mr. Mime, but we already have a psychic Pokemon (Mewtwo).

So that leaves my top, most realistic choice to Venusaur. Vine whip and other moves utilizing the bulb, spores and vines would be pretty awesome IMO.

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Every eevee evolution would be sick

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Magikarp that just flops around and does nothing.


I always thought it would be cool if there were a way to evolve a Pokémon from a pokeball. Say you throw a magikarp and it is completely useless, but if you attack it a certain amount of times it will evolve into and gyarados and do a different attack.



Suicune! And… with the mechanics of Pokken Tournament.

I’ll be real here, the only other one that fits based on moveset and looks is Zeraora.

Funny, when reading the thread title the first ones that came to my mind were Pinsir and Hitmonchan/lee/top.
But as they’ve been already mentioned… maybe Snorlax since he’s a massive tank?

Actually, when I think about it, you could do a whole separate Pokemon Smash Bros game. Where you fight as a Pokemon (not as a trainer) and in real time combat instead of turn-based. Could give the whole franchise a new spin perhaps.

Dunsparce slithers into battle!


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Blissey! They could give her a move set similar to Kirby/ King Dedede