Sturmwind Geschenkbox // Tempest Gift Box

Hey guys!

Some days ago I bought this Box off ebay for about ~45€. Its the german equivalent of the Tempest Gift Box(UK) // Thunderstorm Gift Box(US).
The box is completely sealed. On the back of the box there is a list about what it contains. There should be a german Thunderstorm Theme Deck and 3 random Boosters inside. I did some research and the US version seems to contain a Rocket, Base 2 and a Gym Series booster.
I saw some openings of the UK box and there were other boosters inside, in fact there was a Base Set, Jungle and Fossil booster.
As the Gym series and Base Set 2 were never released in german, I thought the german version might contain the base, jungle and fossil booster as well.
I wondered if any of you guys know for sure which boosters are inside the german “Sturmwind Geschenkbox”.
Further I’m not quite sure whats the best thing to do with this box, I guess keeping it seald might always be a smart move. But the Theme Deck inside the gift box was always sealed in the opening videos. So I thought I might open the gift box to get the three unweighed boosters. The theme deck would still be seald and I could keep it as a collectible or for resale.
Another thing I noticed is, that in the UK version, this giftbox / theme deck contains base set cards from the 1999-2000 print run (the 4th print run as far as I know). I thought some people might collect them in english and maybe they would have a little bit more value. But as the box is german I’m not sure if people would care about 1999-2000 german base set cards.
So… to sum this up, my questions are:

Does anyone know for sure what booster packs are inside the german gift box?
Would you keep the gift box sealed or would you open it to take out the boosters and keep the theme deck still sealed?
And last, does anybody know if the german 1999-2000 base set print run holds any extra value?

I know that I’m asking a lot of questions for such a little value item, but as it is my first completely sealed item in my collection I’m not certainly sure what to do. :grin:

Thank you all in advance! :blush:

PS: here are front and back pictures of the Sturmwind Geschenkbox!



Good Question maybe after so many Years People know the Answer which Booster are inside

Would really like to know it too

I hope he left it sealed

Thanks for bumping this, I had no idea this giftbox had a german version and now its another obscure deck product on the want but may never find list. To answer the years old question, looks like the internet shows it had 2 jungles and possibly a fossil pack instead of the usual rocket/gym/fossil setup. If anyone has any tips on tracking one down (even an empty box), I’d love to know.