Strange Trade Offer ... Would You Trade?

Tonight I was offered an interesting trade.
He wanted my 1996 Charizard Prism. In return, he was offering this North Korean Officers Hat.
What would you do?

You ever been offered an unusual trade?


Talk to your neighbor.


If you start accepting “strange” trade offers for charizards Gary, let me know. We might be able to work something out, if you catch my drift :wink::wink::wink::eggplant::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


Haha…You must be a mind reader. I already texted him and he replied it may be sketchy legally in trading North Korea items.
I’m not sure about that though.

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Just wait a bit, he’ll make a call to his friend who is a expert with North Korean officer hats.

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You guys are crazy lol.



It prob looks amazing on you,

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Would anybody else do the deal.

I wouldn’t.

Simply because I believe tracing and confirming authenticity would be difficult, and also the fact that the rarity of such an item is unquantifiable.

They aren’t a vintage item, and they aren’t connectable to a single person or important event.

Military collecting is more about the story of the item than the actual item itself. Much more so than a lot of collecting hobbies.


only if he can get his officer’s hat graded


Communism isn’t about value and trading. Its about looking like badass. :sunglasses:


I don’t think I’d take that trade, seems like a hard sell compared to the card … probably why the guy wants to trade it :blush:

Probably my favorite thread as of late.

What an incredibly strange offer but I love it. A situation where it may actually be a fair offer but not the right one to make a deal on. If it were an offer for something less scarce, I may even take it just to have the story of having traded for North Korean military uniform pieces.

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I am seriously intrigued. I saw the uniform that went with this “cover” as they call it. Plus I have a couple more of those cards graded as well as mint ungraded. I’m really torn.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting a real value on the story. That’s a hilarious story. And you’ll have a great talking piece. Might get on Pawn Stars a second time, too. Hahaha.

Although being American and being well read on North Korea, I’m going to guess you won’t be able to wear it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Imagine Gary coming back asking 2 mill for his Charizards with that stupid hat on.


Gary if you make this trade let me know and I’ll be heading over to North Korea on my next trip to stock up on military clothing to trade for your 1St edition base charizards :wink:

I wonder if they have north korean military sweat pants…


I don’t think they let you in, and if they do, you are under surveillance 24/7 and military gear isn’t something that you can buy. I did a quick search if I could buy some korea stuff here in Holland and its not available.

Now he’s giving me a choice between the hat or a giant charmander lol. What do you all think?

Go for the Charmander with the hat on.