Storing graded cards

So for the past months, I have beeing getting some graded cards and started to run out of room on my desk. I was wondering if anyone have a recommendation for a nice box or bin I can store my cards. Something better than one of those cardboard card boxes.

This is the graded storage box by LIONGoods on eBay. Love it.


Lol I love how all the responses are for liongoods

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They’re that good. I have four. No point getting anything else. They are perfect for toploaders, psa cards, booster packs.

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You could always branch out and go custom :wink:


Not the cheapest solution, but when it comes to protection, it doesn’t get much better.

Wow @ozenigma that looks like a treasure box!!!

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This is what I imagine someone from ISIS using if he/she collected PSA cards



I swear I’m not!

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Are you sure?

There’s a rumor ISIS has the last two cards I need from an unreleased set I’m collecting.


If you are looking to not spend so much I bought just a regular box with dimensions that will work and made dividers for it.

Positive. I’m a family man. The case is serious business though.

Wondering how everybody stores there graded cards , I’m looking for something more protective than cardboard

I think a lot of people here use these:

I’ve also heard good things about Pelican Cases, but that might be a bit overkill.

There is a recent thread on this topic already


The thread above has links and good ideas! :grin:

Coming back to this thread that really confused me, I was wondering why I hadn’t noticed a pages worth of answers before mine.