Stamps from 'Japan Post Pokemon Stamp Box'

I’m curious what these stamp sheets go for? I may be interested in picking up a few of these but there aren’t many clear listings

They will be harder to find on Japanese websites since there is some sort of rule or something where you need a license to sell new stamps over there (which is why most listings of the box did not include the stamps)

A search for pokemon stamp sheet 2021 on ebay turns up results though so its not hard to estimate the market price there


I may have been searching with the wrong terms/words. Thank you!

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Some more details:

In Japan, unused stamps retain their face values and thus are considered vouchers redeemable for cash. These kind of vouchers are regulated and under some circumstances can only be resold by resellers who are registered to sell items under the “Cash and Vouchers” category.

There are some exceptions like if you are not selling for profits (i.e. you just want to get rid of it), but trying to argue that in lawsuits is just too grueling so most individuals would rather not trying to earn that money.

This is also true for Mercari - Mercari tends to just ban any item which can be controversial to sell, even if some sellers do meet the conditions to sell them, which explains why you would see less listings on Mercari. Yahoo doesn’t enforce this as harsh as Mercari do so you might have a better chance of finding listings on Yahoo.

On the other hand, you might find some on shopping sites built by LGS in Japan like Hareruya:

However they might be asking for premium prices (plus you might need middleman) so think before you buy.


I’ve always wondered about how stamps were regulated and I appreciate the information! The more you know!

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Not just stamps but also basically anything that is a coupon/ticket for a service. So stuff like concert tickets, train tickets etc can’t be sold on these websites either. There are special shops in Japan where you can buy and sell these specific things.

The stamps are awesome! I’d say they are probably on par or beyond the beauty of the card promos

I didn’t realize they were holo until I saw one in a slab! I don’t think I have the heart to cut it myself but promotions like this make me want to get into stamps. Why is everything in Japan so perfect?

And yes, I think they appeal to me more than the cards themselves!

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Sorry to rez an old topic, but I’ve been rearranging my collection display and have been wondering what to do with my stamp box sheet. I’d love to get them graded but don’t know a thing about stamp grading – and if I have to cut them out of the beautiful stamp sheet then I may pass and instead ask the peanut gallery: what’s the best way to display these?


I vote a ‘floating’ acrylic frame! It preserves the sheet, displays all edges, and is easy on the eyes


I know Mint grading (Canadian company) grades these stamps. Maybe some other companies do too but that’s as much as I know. Let us know what ya do!


I think I’ll go with the frame! The whole sheet is a nice composition so would love to keep it all together. Thank you kindly!

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The stamps are pretty amazing.

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can anyone in Japan tell me if these are still readily available over there? I’m visiting in October and I’d love to buy a complete sealed box with the stamps and promos intact

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I believe @genchiro found some on their Japan journey for about ¥40,000 or about $290 (a pretty good deal IMO). The whole journey was documented here:

If you’re in Japan, I believe they should have stamps – the main reason stamps were so hard to find outside of Japan is that shipping Japan post stamps internationally is a legal/customs gray area (luckily I did get stamps in my box even though I ordered to the states through eBay earlier last year).


Thanks for marking me @zork

Readily available? Depends on how you define it. You won’t find them at a book off or a mandarake. But if you go through some stores you will find some. I would say I saw around 10-15 in total. That’s why I would either recommend checking a bunch of shops or buying the box at


Good call!


Ayy, lookin super clean. Can’t beat that black label either!!

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