Staff Charizard PSA 10 $7100?????????

The last two sales were 2300 for these at PWCC auction no less. And then BAM one goes today for 7100?:thinking: Am I missing something here. That just seems insane. I see people immediately adjusting their prices to on eBay after that. Interested in what some of you think.

Private listing, probably shill bids for 6k and 7k, especially given its obo under 5k right now


Has to be false bids. You could blame it on two people with wallets bigger than their pockets if this were a more scarce item but there’s literally 3 more on eBay right now and like you said sales very recently at $2300.

if you go and look at the bids you can see that they magically went from $2200 to $6k

Shill bidding is fun.

Even the PWCC auctions from a few weeks ago were shill bid up.