SSB Mewtwo Medals

Hey y’all! I’ve been doing some research on the Super Secret Battle Mewtwo Trophies Cards, and I’m realizing that the “actual” trophies for the tournament were 3 Mewtwo Medals— as the SSB’s were given to finalists of the 7 battle road regionals.

Have these medals ever surfaced?

Also, I just posted an IG reel detailing the history behind this tournament… please correct me if I’m missing anything.

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Can’t say anything on if they have surfaced but a very cool thing to see regardless. Also man the holo mewtwo the the SSB cards is clean!

It’s a common mistake, but it’s Secret Super Battle, not Super Secret Battle.

I see most of your reel is sourced from the Pokumon article, so the rest is correct :slight_smile:

To my knowledge none of the SSB medals have surfaced for sale. One of the junior medals from the TMB came up for sale a year or two ago on YHJ.