Opinion on Boy/Girl Trainer Trophy card (WC SSB/TMB/NEO BR)

I was looking at some older trophy cards online the other day and I realized that in the Old Back days, other than the Original Pikas, SSBs and TMBs, there is also the Boy/Girl Trainer that was awarded in the 2000 SSB/TMB and the 2001 Neo Spring/Summer Battle Road Tournaments and later awarded again in 2002 but in the e-series layout.

These Boy/Girl Trainers seem to be in their own spot for Trophy cards as they do not fit in the realm of the OG Pikas/SSBs/TMBs but they are more valuable than the more well-known promos like the trophy Khan, Unikarp, 9th Lucky Stadium, Tropical Wind and such because, well, they are numbered Trainers with the Pokemon logo and double star rarity.

According to Bulbapedia, there are 10 of each placing for the WC SSB, 10 for the WC TMB, 18 Neo Spring and 14 Neo Summer hence a total of 52 of each placing for the Old Back series and 54 of each placing for the e-series New Back (27 of each Spring and Summer tournament), a mix between the Boy and Girl Trainers.

For an Old Back numbered trophy card to have 52 of each (106 of the same artwork if you include the e-series), there is not a lot of them if you take into account that each card is personalized with the winners name on the card and therefore, making the card more sentimental to the winners and thus not selling them to the open market.

These are what they look like. Notice that the heading of the trainer card says ‘NO.1/2/3 TRAINER’ instead of the usual ‘TRAINER’ like how an illustrator has its own title, this is what that stood out for me.

This is a graded example. Notice the name of the winner below the ‘NO.2’ and the location of the tournament next to it. I personally do not like the personalization aspect but it kinda made the card a 1/1 where the card was won by who at where type of thing.

A New Back, e-series graded example courtesy of Scott’s SMR Magazine debut. These no longer have the Pocket Monster round logo, the double star rarity and the ‘NO1/2/3 TRAINER’ on the title but at the side where other Trainer cards have ‘Supporter’, ‘Stadium’ or ‘Item’.

What do you think of this Trophy card, with the personalization and all? To have 50+ in the Old Back format and 100+ with the same artwork, that is a huge stretch compared to your 30+ Pikas, 9 TMBs/SSBs.

What was this Trophy card like back in the early 2010s or earlier? Was it like an unloved stepchild who is forgotten and put aside or was it as demanded like a holo Old Back Trainer but there just wasn’t many for sale. I wasn’t active then so I would like to know why these Trainers aren’t in the same realm as the OG Pikas/SSBs/TMBs.


Realistically, 50-100 copies is about as rare as it gets for this hobby (with a few exceptions). Most copies are still probably owned by their winner. There also seems to be a massive difference in rarity between the male and female versions. The female version is significantly more rare than the male version.
I don’t remember any copies being available for a very long time prior to a few years ago.
As for my opinion on the cards… they certainly deserve their highly coveted status. I would love to get my hands on any of the old back ones but they are quite expensive so for now I’ll just daydream about them. These cards may not be as iconic as the Pika/TMB/SSB trophies but they are still some of the most prized cards ever.


I‘ve always had mixed feelings regarding those. I owned a copy of a No. 2 Trainer but sold it as I felt like I want to buy something else with the funds. There are more copies in existence but due to the fact that they have the winner‘s name the original winners are less likely to sell.
There are only very few of the female versions awarded.
Also, in the past 2 months we have seen 3 male versions without the winners name which are most likely extra copies. Who knows how many more extra copies are floating around.
I think they deserve their spotlight but will always be over shadowed by the Pikas, TMB, SSB and Illustrator.

Btw: there are not 30+ Pikas in total, not sure how you got to this number


It’s a bummer that these “No. 1/2/3 Trainer” trophy cards postdate our beloved Pokémon Bible because the only image I’ve ever seen of the female version is a really low resolution “No. 1 Trainer” with the e-series layout by courtesy of @pokeg over on pokégym. (Does anyone own high resolution images of any of the female versions?) Appeal-wise I prefer the old back “No. 1/2/3 Trainer” trophy cards over the e-series style ones because of the uniqueness of its title and overall more nostalgic look. Although they may never reach their big brother in terms of allure, I still hold the trophy cards from this era in very high regard.

Thanks Geri, I was wanting for you to chip in. Yeah I agree on what you think of the card. Maybe the fact that they don’t come in holofoil has something to do with them not being as desirable as the other old back trophies.
I do think that the ones without names and locations are 100% extras. There is also the chance that the 1999 TMB and SSB no. 1 that were auctioned along with them being extras as well which is more than likely. Also I believe a 5th 1997 no. 3 was known to exist so that may also be an extra.

I got the 30+ figure from Bulbapedia with the total number of events and categories for the tournaments. 4 from 97, 14-16 from LMB and 14-16 from KMB. Making it 32-36 sets in total. Not taking the possible extra into account.

They are criminally underrated. Any numbered Trainer (No. 1, 2, 3) is the top of the rarity mountain. Sure we can split hairs with ssb/tmb/pikas, but they are all God tier rarity.

Overall I love them as they are god tier rarity, unique artwork and the last numbered (1,2,3 Trainers) Japanese trophies.


Somebody recently graded a No. 1 and No. 3 + a bunch of other high-end trophy cards in a submission:


The holo aspect might have an impact.
Yes pretty sure the recent SSB and TMB were extra copies too and especially the „no-name“ trophies.

The total number of trophy pikachus according to tournament documentation is: 4, 6, and 9
However we have seen at least 5 1997 No. 3 Trainers so it might have been an extra copy.

I have never even seen a picture of the female version until just now, really cool! I also like how pikachu is always by its trainers side no matter what place it gets :grin:

Whoever that was graded some bangers:

Starts here: www.psacard.com/cert/43884609/
Goes thru: www.psacard.com/cert/43884616/

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I can’t even imagine the insurance nightmare a package like that would present… so cool. I went through those when they were first posted and just had a blast looking at them again!

Wait there’s only 6 LMB Pikas? I have seen 8 LMB NO.1 Pikas not including the faded one that sold for $20k on yahoo with the original case (not sure if it’s LMB or KMB). Maybe 6 events with 2 categories each?

That’s some nice symbolism there. Maybe growlithe is there as well no matter which placing for being a loyal dog?


According to the documentation there weren‘t more than 1 age group, but it is a possibility. It might be 9 for the 2nd tournament and 6 for the 3rd. I‘d need to check on my computer.
I think some copies might have been doubles that got resold.

The finals had 2 age groups though, that’s where the 2 set of Charizard line trophies were given out, replacing the cards. Would make sense to have 2 age groups since regionals if that was the case.

True but the tournament report in one of the magazines shows all tournament dates and photos of the top 3 winners. Each date only had 3 winners not 6 hence it seems like there was only 1 age division. This is the only documentation i‘ve seen that is some sort of proof or gives and idea about the number. But we will never know for sure I guess.

Huh, is that so. Well yeah you might be right, just have to wait it out to see how many Pikas actually appear moving forward I guess. I always thought there were 30+ sets in total I got to say :sweat_smile:

I will double check on my computer later today. I‘ve saved all the documentation

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Can you upload all the photo documents you have saved into imgur albums and make a thread for research purposes ?

The scans are somewhere here on the forums. Maybe I can find it