01/15/12 - Tropical Mega Battle

With all this news about an auction going around, I’d like to learn more about this card :slight_smile:

I didn’t know too mcuh about this card til Scott gave his opinion on the top cards. Everything is quoted from Scott or Dogma. I know for a fact it is a very rare card and a top tier one at that.
“The only reason I have the tmb above the ssb is because I have seen more ssb cards sold and overall at a lower price (slightly lower). This is also coming from someone who’s favorite pokemon is mewtwo, has all three and is defintely partial to the ssb cards. I just wanted to make this as realistic to the current market as possible.” -Scott

Dogma says this about the TMB and SSB Trophies: “This is where we have to take into account desirability as well as rarity since the prize cards are well accounted for and are all limited in number (at the same quantities). For me, these are less likely to turn up for sale, which notches it up compared to the arguably more important 1997-1999 Pikachu Trophies.”

Overall it is my favorite Trophy set. I dunno why but I just never see them ever for sale and only know of Jimmy Hume having them. I know quite a few people with the SSB and Pika Trophies though.

Participants in elementary school were eligible for entry into Tropical Mega Battle tournaments, whereas those in elementary school third grade (third grade) through to high school second grade (eleventh grade) were eligible for entry into Secret Super Battle tournaments. Participants eligible for both could only compete in one tournament. Champions of the Tropical Mega Battle qualifiers were awarded the print featuring Exeggutor and the event logo with artwork by Ken Sugimori and Hiromi Ito, whereas the Secret Super Battle champions were awarded the print featuring a Mewtwo silhouette and the event logo with artwork by Hideki Kazama.
The next major iteration featured new artwork by Ken Sugimori and was first awarded to the champions of each regional Japanese World Challenge Summer event held between July and August 2000, which like the Challenge Road '99 SUMMER campaign was split into the Tropical Mega Battle and Secret Super Battle events. The winners of each tournament were awarded this card and granted entry into the finals held later in August. Unlike previously awarded trophy cards, these cards were personalised with the name and regional conference of the winner. It is unknown if there was a card awarded for those competing in the Tropical Mega Battle tournaments.

sites.google.com/site/pkmcrp/tournaments/99tmb …I wrote that a while back, the SSB is up too. I have seen a few TMB cards for sale, mostly on yahoo! I think the Pikachu and Mewtwo cards surface more often as they are more popular characters. Anyway, there are still seven of each SSB and TMB.

Seller infiniteprodux lists a TMB No 1 on ebay, since April, “with an estimated number of only 3 of these cards in existence”.

In February a TMB No 1 was sold for about $4000. Seller says “only between 3 and 9 of these were ever released”.

Price guide from FrostyFluxy:
1999 Tropical Mega Battle
" No. 1 $3,000 - $4000
" No. 2 $2,500 - $3,000
" No. 3 $2,000 - $2,500

Scott P. told us that Jimmy Hume’s TMB No 2 and No 3 can be viewed here:

Or just consult the official pokemon card book 2000 :blush: