Tropical Mega Battle (TMB) Bilingual Exeggutor

Since there’s been lots of tropical mega battle talk lately I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the TMB version of bilingual Exeggutor. Firstly does anyone know of any copies or a scan/picture? I’ve never seen one so the card seems almost mythical to me. Secondly, I assume based on the 2000 card book that on the very bottom of the card where its says “vol. 3” (for the magazine version) the TMB version would say “Hawaii” would that be correct? I just based that off of what the line of text says in the card book but even they didn’t use a scan of the original but rather the reprint.

I’d love it if some of these would make appearances because I feel like it’s almost forgotten since it was reprinted!

The only image I have ever seen of it is the one from the master cd:

Too bad the writings are not readable cause of its quality.

I remember a fake auction listed (on yahoo?) at I guess 700$ trying to sell the normal magazine one as the TMB one. You were able to see the “Vol.3” at the bottom…

Oh it doesn’t have Hawaii in it, neat! I appreciate it thanks a lot sandman!

Yeah I remember that auction haha, he called it “tropical prezent” or something lol.

Hey, I just wanted to clarify something about the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle. I was at this tournament and the Promo Exeggutor card we received is identical to the one that came out in the Japanese magazine the same year. I’ve looked into it and there is no difference in the text at the bottom of the card at all. It is kind of disappointing, but I do have a silver medal to show for it.

Welcome to the site and thanks for the information! It was always something that we never knew for sure. If you would not mind providing a picture of the medal that would be great!

Wasn’t the tmb held multiple years? 1999,2000 and 2001? The no.1,2 and 3 trainers were only awarded in 1999 as part of the summer 99 series regional tournaments correct?

Can you confirm that those trainer cards were not awarded at the finals?

Thank you SO much for clearing that up!! I always wondered why a copy had never shown up for sale.