02/ 05 /2012 - Bilingual Exeggutor - Also Question


Also Im thinking, even though Im not the head of this, nor a mod, but Im thinking we should switch card of the week, to card of the day, there is just so many cards to discuss, and there are lots of questions and values I want to learn about…

Thanks Frosty, however I come across new cards daily, so what your saying though is helpful, at the same time, I don’t want to spam :slightly_frowning_face:

okay thanks! :grin:
But I’ll keep making COTW threads :blush:

okay :slight_smile:
I just always am curious about cards and what they are from/worth so :blush:

I like this card a lot, and I recently found out that the Trainer Magazine Vol 3 version is a reprint. I believe this card was originally released at one of the tropical mega battle tournaments. It is exact same artwork just different text on bottom. I think there was a post about the tropical mega battle version a couple months ago. I really want the TMB version!!

Ooh that is interesting!

true shpunto9, there is a TMB version. It is listed also in the Masters CD with an image. There was a ‘fake’ auction some time ago for around 700$ iirc, announcing the TMB version but it was actually the magazine reprint. I have never seen one for sale…

The left is the tropical mega battle and the right is the trainer magazine promo.

Nice, does anyone on UPCCC own one of the TMB version?