Sealed Battle Road Victory Medals?

So this was something that I came across rather recently and was told to share it with you all!

Its a sealed victory medal pack from the Autumn Battle Road for 2007-2008. There are what I believe to be (3) of the same medal card inside. This isnt my particular type of collectible but for the price they wanted it would’ve been stupid to pass this up. From the research I did, I have not been able to find another reference to a sealed one existing. I threw it on ebay with a high buy it now price to entertain offers to see what people think it is worth. (This could be the wrong area of posting this if so im very sorry)

Does anyone have any other info regarding any other known sealed ones? A few people who were always going to these events told me they have never seen a sealed one before.

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Only $1200 on ebay!

Very cool item. The last one I can remember on eBay sold maybe 9 months ago for $100 on auction. There are in fact 3 cards in there. The intended distribution was for Battle Road events, in which the winner of each age division (Juniors, Seniors, Masters) would get a copy of the card. Raw copies of the cards vary from $5 to $25 a piece. PSA 9s sell for around $35 while a 10 could fetch upwards of $200. Hopefully this helps!

@mightbelucifer, is that you that listed the card on ebay that was shared by poketrade?

An interesting factor with having a sealed pack was that they *could* have been originally acquired illegitimately. Organizers were sent one pack per event to hand out to the three winners, meaning there’s potential for sealed packs to either have been stolen or organizers didn’t provide the prize support supplied to them. There have been a couple stories way back when of Victory Medal packs being stolen at events. Those potential factors add to a sealed pack’s rarity, though! It’s an extremely cool item for any sealed collector!


From personal experience, Sometimes when going to these small events, the juniors and seniors played in the same bracket, and shared the prize pool, when there were very few young players (myself included at the time) there. As a kid, I didn’t question it. I remember it at a hgss and BW battle road (different style art of the card pictured)

I remember that too! The problem is that even though TOM mixed the smaller divisions together for swiss rounds, there should still have been a 10- winner and an 11-14 winner with cards for each. Organizers didn’t always follow through.

Yes, like i said i had no clue on the value of the card. A few people who I talked to about this card said just throw it up their for a high price and see what type of offers you get.

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ive heard of this before, i read a story from someone with one, where the person won 3 separate events and the host saved the medals till they won enough for the pack

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Interesting, I was not the original owner of this pack. So I hope that’s not the case of someone stealing it from an event.

Didn’t smpratte do a vid on these a few days ago?

Not sealed packs, but a cool little piece of history on some singles…

Not that I know of?

I can’t find it lol. I’ll keep looking.