Someone give me price for this set? how much would/should I pay for this? minimum/maximum?

Not a lot…
I know that it is fairly common…

lol thanks, I need to go get up to speed I guess haha

Under $30.

thank you

I sent you a PM, @vodka

I’m selling the full box of 20 sealed binder for 135$ so the regular price for each sealed is under the 15$


thank you Pokemon Center Italy

Very easy to find for $10 or less.

Recently, I have seen on YJA at least two full boxes of 20 sealed binders sold for 800 yen …

The seller have a big stock of these boxes, look here !

oh really, thanks will check it out sometime

$9.99 Free shipping Cont.US

Also the first one of the set with the three starter Pokemon and their evolutions for $9.95:

thanks very much ,thinking If I want to buy this Pikachu world collection sealed set, thoughts?

thanks, shall use this in future ;p