Neo Binder

So I received this nifty binder today from an eBay purchase. It’s sealed which is cool and it’s old which is awesome. Also cheap! 13 dollars. Granted there’s not much to it. A binder and 9 cards if I’m not mistaken and it’s Japanese. So not worth much. But I thought it was a pretty cool item. So I bought one of each set since there’s 3 of these. The other two were a bit more expensive. But still overall I thought not bad considering the age. I’d never seen these till I somehow stumbled on it while on eBay.
Looking forward to the one with the Charizard in it a bit more.

What do you all think? Anyone else have these in their collection?

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I got that binder when it was released.

I’ve got a few of those packages. They were a Japanese promo just before they released the NEO series. They produced thousands of them. Fun item to own but I don’t think they’re worth much.

Na can’t be worth much if they sell for under 20 bucks. But pretty interesting for sure.

These are pretty cool, I still need to get the Charizard one, how much does it cost?


I think I need to go to confession…


Did you grade these cards Gary?
Do you know the guy talking?
I can’t even sit here and listen to this pitch without cringing lol

The cards from this folder are the ones that dont have a rarity symbol on them. just a little tidbit of trivia there if you didnt know!

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The charizard one was about 30. I only found 1.

There’s 29 minutes of that…lol I watched 6 of them. I’m done. LOL my head hurts.