Neo Genesis Series 1 Binder

So I have been going down a rabbit hole lately looking up all the cards I wanted as a kid but never got. One of those what the first Neo Genesis 9 card binder set . I started looking around on ebay and to my surprise these binders , still sealed , seem to be dirt cheap.

Am I crazy for thinking these are a no brainer at the $75-$125 price range I see them going for?

Ill be the first to admit , I was big into Pokemon as a kid , but got out of the hobby . Recently I have jumped back in and I seem to be drawn towards the stuff I couldn’t get as a kid , as well as promo cards , much more so than set cards.

I may 100% be missing something , which is why I’m asking you guys , but I feel these cards are super under valued if you plan on holding long term at their current price.

What do you guys think?

Giant market thread is where you want to be. Also, these were $20 a year ago so theyve already had their jump.

Am I wrong to think that even with the short term jump , these cards still have room to grow at the current price long term. Its hard for me to think these cards dont grow more in the next 5, 10 , 15 years?

I purchased twenty around this time last year at roughly $15 each (bulk discount) and graded the holos. They sold for around $350 average for all three total starter holos due to the grade ranges. Subtract grading fees $30 per set, time and supplies $10 per set, platform fees and shipping $50 and that is profit of $245 per set. Certainly worth it then and probably well worth it at a $75 buy in still if you are willing to wait a year for grading. Above $125 you start to see diminishing returns especially since grading costs more and a good chunk of these holos are off centered.

I thought the price increase on these was mad, but then I reasoned that these are pretty much the oldest Japanese main set sealed product available. The closest other thing would probably be trainer mags. Consider the Neo 2 folders, they have an exclusive Charizard art.

Thought this would be interesting: 2016 (120 folders) - 2020 (20) - 2021 (20)

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