So I was bored... made a Full Art Gyarados

Just for fun, had some time to kill.


Note: step back a couple meters, it looks better from afar :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work man, Gyarados is awesome. Would be nice if they made a full art for him in the newer sets.

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Gyarados is a Mega pokemon so chances are very high we will get to see a FUll Art version of him.

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You should get it graded! :wink:

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Plot twist: @aj1 is actually an artist for Nintendo and that artwork will be used in future sets. :grin:

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No fake HP that says 1000HP
No Attack that costs 1 Energy of the wrong type that does 500 damage

2/10 worst fake ever.

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A had a Kabutops card that actually was a Slowbro…

You might get a 10. :blush:

Where’s @azulryu these days. I think he’d dig this.


Seriously! My mat was made with him in mind. Was disappointed to find him absent when I posted it.

He was swimming too close to a school of gyarados… Needless to say… well…

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Haha, I’m still alive guys. Summers just tend to be wicked busy with work and all. I basically work all summer to afford college for the school year. I’ll become more regular as the summer closes to an end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, awesome work! I can’t do anything like that. XD

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I will send it to you for free if you’d like to have it. Just as part of your novelty section alongside fake gyarados cards :wink:

Messaging you! :stuck_out_tongue: