I PURCHASED A TRAINER SUPPORTER CARD. SABRINA FULL ART 2014 BS37 POKEMON. The pokemon came seperately, being that the foil back and the film of the character was seperate!!! When you put them together it forms the pokemon card!?? Is this pokemon suppose to be like this? Thanks

Never heard of it, pictures please?

Probably fake, since there is already a kyurem bw37, but I’d love to see it!

Omg, haha, those are horrible. Look at this one

Haha, I saw those on eBay earlier in the week with the Gyarados ex, which shows a Mega Gyarados.

Well made, but either way, a little tasteless with the other arts. :dizzy_face:

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Why on earth are people paying money for these?

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Wow very tasteless indeed. Someone is having some strange fantasies it seems…

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That Gyarados full art would be sick!

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But the art is kind of dreadful. The whole body is down by the text…

True, but either way, I wouldn’t mind it being a real card, even with that art, actually. It’d make a perfect M-card for Gyarados.

I almost crapped myself when I saw this thinking it was a pre-release or something, only to quickly figure out that it was a complete fake.

One can certainly dream though! I’m sure you guys are sick of me saying I wish they’d make a FA of Gyarados but dammnit do I wish it was true!

Oh man these are hilarious. Love the massive out of proportion boobs and skimpy outfits in the artwork.
Stay classy Pokemon fanbase.

We’ll get a Gyarados Full Art this generation hopefully, it’d be hard to believe they’d pass up the opportunity to use Mega Gyarados.

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I only worry because in features of Mega Pokemon like pamphlets and such, they tend to leave Gyarados out of the list (granted they also leave Heracross out and we already know about that so there’s hope left).

However, today I just came across this on Y!J:

Which I’m hoping Japanime can help me with in obtaining but it seems a promising aspect.

But back to topic, yeah, I was tempted to bid on the Gyarados despite it being a Mega and not labeled as one until I saw what else they sold.

You guys should have checked it out earlier, they were also selling porn magazines and movies but I guess by the time this topic came around, someone had already purchased those if that gives you any kind of indication on what this person sells.

In the end I decided I wouldn’t indulge for the best of reasons…

I don’t know where that person’s hands have been! :stuck_out_tongue: XD

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Haha those are reaaaaaally classy, glad everyone’s keeping it real out there (oh Nurse Joy) :wink:. But seriously I can see why those would sell, and they aren’t charging a fortune. It also looks like the quality of the homemade card is quite good…but the quality of the art on the other hand…haha.

Haha oh man you make a good point. PS that YJ Gyarados “Ad”? is pretty sweet man!

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Mhhm! Just hope Glen is able to respond in time! D:

Does anyone remember that well-made custom Mewtwo EX FA awhile back?

It sold for like $45 since the card was so well done… I can’t seem to find it. D:

Well got my money back for those. buyer was good enough to refund me. I kept the gyrados, actually it’s really cool up front in my face lmao!

Ah, so you’re the one who purchased it. :stuck_out_tongue: