PreRelease Gyarados Ink

Today at the PreRelease a fellow had a great Gyarados tattoo so with all our Gyarados fans I thought I’d post it.


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Nice! Here is mine : )


@papafrankgod, awesome choice! Lance’s Gyarados is one of my favorite depictions of the Pokemon. Appreciate the rest of your ink too.

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Yes it is my favorite of them all, second would be Dark Gyarados. I had to customize the design tho to fit better in there. Rest of them were designed by me. Glad you like them : )

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@papafrankgod That is SUCH an awesome Tattoo. I’ve been wanting to get one of my favorite artwork but add some personal touch to mine as well… but not sure if I should or not. I’d get it more then likely on my upper art, or my forearm… not sure.

I think the leg is a good place though as well as it shows it off really well. I’ve never gotten a tattoo yet. I have a lot of piercings, but no tat’s yet. Do the leg’s hurt… Like your Gyarados one, did that one hurt quite a lot to get?

But anyways… @papafrankgod and @king Pokémon


@papafrankgod I want to get this one done SO badly on my forearm… but not sure how well that would look persay?

What’s your thoughts/ opinions, as this is my favorite artwork/ favorite card in the world.


Everywhere hurts, legs is normal except for the bone

You should adapt it a bit, any tattoo artist can do that

@shinyrayquaza, agreed with @papafrankgod, do a bit of research on tattooists local to your area (or wherever you’re willing to travel). If the artists have an IG, check them out on their IG as you’ll find their best work and style there. A good artist could make a good wrap around piece on a forearm with that kind of art. It would look sick. I have a good amount of ink myself but haven’t gone ahead with a Gyarados tattoo one yet. Most of mine tend to be symbolic.


Yeah this is my thoughts exactly. I typically wouldn’t normally do something like this, but Rayquaza has been a changing symbol in my life. It’s helped me fight through a Drug addiction I was facing in my younger years. And it’s been my lifeline and somewhat savior back to sobriety. Happy to announce that this April it will be 4 years clean!

But yeah I really want to get something done with this art work especially this card in specific, on my forearm. I think that would look SO cool. But I know there’s a lot about Tattoo’s that I have to learn about. I know that there’s a lot that specialize specifically to things like Darks, outlines, modern… etc… I don’t know all the Tattoo lingo’s yet haha. But that’s where I say I need to learn about those to see who/ what type of artist would be the best choice for a piece like this. And I wouldn’t let anyone Tat me unless I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the rendering. But this is something that I really want to get done. I feel I owe it to myself and my life long childhood dream.

But thanks for all your feedback. I sincerely appreciate it.

But seriously… @azulryu … you GOTTA get a Gyarados Tat!!! I’d love to see some of your art work. If you happen to have Instagram feel free to add me, I just made a new account basically refocusing my life on what I love and my pleasures that I have in life. Like for instance my show car, my Pokemon cards; my hobbies to put it simple. And I’ve been meeting a lot of wonderful people. But find me on Insta: It’s the same as my name on here. ShinyRayquaza_

Major respect to you, @shinyrayquaza. Kicking that kind of habit is not easy. I used to work with a few people fighting addiction and I have always been amazed at certain people’s resilience when it comes to overcoming that kind of thing. Glad you found yourself on the other side. Congrats on an almost 4 years! If you’re ever in Massachusetts/Rhode Island, USA, I got a few suggestions depending on your style. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I knoooooooow. Life has been basically telling me I should but haven’t found the right time or place yet. I’m still finishing a chest piece at the moment and have a few other pieces I want to get done first. We’ll see. After seeing @papafrankgod’s tat, might get a leg one myself. Haven’t done legs yet. I’ll definitely add you on IG, though. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe one day I’ll merge my personal account with my Pokemon account and showcase my ink. :slight_smile:


Thanks a million man, it means the world to me. And I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’d love to get out to the East coast sometime and visit. And maybe we can both get a Tat at the same time. Lol. There we go that’s a thought ey! Lol