SNES games

Anyone know good SNES game? Trying to buy more. Love the 2D awesomeness

Yeah I know!.. that’s on my list of buy. Thanks! Any other games?

Donkey Kong Country
Incantation (It’s like a bad megaman, but fun? Hard to describe)

I got DK 1 & 2… but is 3 worth it?

If you liked 1 and 2, and you can find a good price on 3, then yes. I would say that it is worth it.

THanks man… you’re awesome! Let me know if you have any more recommendation

Buy? :confused: Get an emulator and buy one of these:

I have an actual super nintendo. I prefer having the actual game. Don’t want to use my computer for everything.

My snes is somewhere over here in its box, it’s yellow now. I’m too lazy to connect everything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine was yellow… All you need is rubbing alcohol and a paper towel… and it’ll lessen the yellow