Sleeves that fit top-loaders?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I tried searching. But basically I saw a youtube video of someones binder, they had a 6 page sleeve that fit top-loaders in them! Does anyone know what these are called and where they could be purchased?

I like to keep my holos in a deck protector sleeve in a top-loader sealed in a team bag. I just keep the rares/uncommon/commons in the binder, while still trying to get the duplicates holos when possible. So basically right now Im trying to get two holos from each set just so the binder will be complete, but at the same time keeping the better condition holo sealed up. (Hopefully this makes sense). However I could avoid spending a lot more money than needed if I have these sleeves that can fit the top-loaders right in the binder.

Thanks in advance (:

Personally I’d just rather buy an Ultra-Pro Premium binder, then double sleeve the cards.

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Ultra pro team bags

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Yep thats it! Thank you (:

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I just upgraded my card storage to a monster binder +hyper mat sleeves. I’m extremely pleased with these 2 items, the monster binder is much nicer than I expected!