The best sleeves for binders?

Hey everyone, I’m sorry for posting this when I am pretty sure there is a ton of threads about it and I’m just being too lazy to search further than page 1 or use the search engine, buuut… My collection is getting bigger and I’m sicking of keeping everything in hard and soft cases with lots of movement.

What I want to know is, what are the BEST type of Card Pages that can fit cards that are already in soft cases? I want to best combo of soft sleeves and binder page as to reduce glare, being crumped/smushed together in the slot. Just a nice snug fit, anybody have any recomendations?? Thanks :grin:

EDIT - Sorry for the broken english/confusing wording of this thread, I am extremely tired

Personally I’d go with the Ultra-Pro Premium binder, holds 360 cards and includes all side-loading pages:

and some Sleeves of course:
If you want to go the extra mile, these will fit into the deck protector sleeves giving an extra layer of protection:

Okay thanks I will give them a try. Also cujo your card is in the post :blush:

The binder is awesome, I’ll make a video today if I can to show how they hold up with the album almost full, you will need sleeves for storage, the slots have a mild abrasive surface that will slightly scratch the cards backs if you put them in there without a sleeve.

Yep, those pics are mine. :blush:

The Black ones are the normal deck protectors, they will fit into a binder without any problem, the perfect-fit/Pro-fit will fit the card with maybe a 1/4mm space being left of spacing between the card and the sleeved, then once the pro-fit/perfect-fit is applied you put it onto a regular sleeve like the black ones. They really help protect the card, even when playing with it and can make it relatively waterproof, check this video out it’s really good at demonstrating this:

Remember guys, if getting sleeves always go for the “Standard” in the case of PKMN cards.

I placed an order for the sleeves that fit into the deck protector sleeves, because for some cards that are very expensive that I want in my binder I need to make sure are well protected. But do you think that would add a glare? Or maybe make is crumpled/smushed in the binder pages?

Also, do you know if those sleeves work good for the ultra pro 9 card pages? Because i do like that binder you posted, but I also need to have a large binder with just any amount of pages of my choosing for bulk/less prized cards. You’ve been very helpful already though thank you!