UltraPro Pro-fits Question

I play another card game called Kaijudo, It is a Wizards of the Coast game that has just recently come out. I really like it and I figure with the TV show coming and WotC being the makers, the game has a fair chance at making it for the long haul. As I’m putting together my mint condition collection from the very beginning, I’ve come to notice that the Pro-fit sleeves I’ve been putting the cards in prior to their placement in my binder are causing some slight bending of the cards.

Should I be worried about the effect this will have on the long-term condition of my cards?

Also, is there a better alternative to the Pro-fits?

I use standard penny sleeves in an Ultrapro Premium Binder. I feel worried when i use tight sleeves because as you said, it can sometimes bend them.

I think the best way to store cards is to put them in clear sleeves (probably the penny sleeves tolan was talking about).
After that, put them in a binder. All of my cards have remained really mint and don’t have any bends after 10 years or something.

The pro-fits are clear sleeves. And I know the exact problem you are facing. I noticed the same thing with my cards that were stored in binders. The japanese cards seemed to fit much better than the old english one’s. I don’t think they will cause a crease but it is ultimately what you feel comfortable with as a collector.

Have you found a solid alternative? Anything just a few mm wider perhaps?

Do you have these? img.beckett.com/images/items/custom/marketplace/12184384/migrated.jpg
I have them in that size and they’re cheap and won’t bend your cards.

Those are standard penny sleeves. They wrinkle in a standard binder page.

yea they do and they dont fit well in a page at all.tried it about 2 times

That’s why I suggest a side-loading binder, such as a monster or an ultra pro premium. I have extremely loose sleeves and since they binder is side loading they work perfectly.

They rarely wrinkle in my binders… :wink:
If you’re just ramming them in the binder, the corners will also fold.
And even if they wrinkle, that doesn’t cause damage.
Cards that are bent are kind of damaged in my opinion so that’s worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

They wrinkle 100% of the the time in my standard ultrapro binder pages.
And wrinkling allows extra dust in, which defeats the purpose of the extra sleeve.
And I don’t like the bending either. Hence the search for solid alternatives.

As much as I hate the idea of another several hundred toploaders, at this point I might just toploader everything after placing it in a regular UltraPro sleeve.

I use ultra pro pro fit sleeves for everything and I don’t get any bending. Perhaps it’s a humidity issue because the pro fits work great for me.

Then put the cards in the sleeves upside down → closed side up.
After that put the in the binder, even if they wrinkle no dust will go inside.

I’ve had my cards with the open side up and sometimes with wrinkly sleeves for more than 10 years.
All the cards are still as mint as when they left their boosters, so I don’t think dust is that bad or if that much dust gets in.
But of course it’s up to you, try to find sleeves that are 2 4/8" by 3 4/8" or something like that.

Perhaps Kaijudo cards are sized slightly larger? Not sure.

That would be perfect. Do you know where I could find any of those?

As for now, I think the best solution is just colored sleeves, like the ones used for protecting decks. They seem to have a better fit than other sleeve types.

You could get a Toploader Binder. Google it

I’m familiar with toploader binders. Ordering a few here incredibly soon.

I think the cheapest solution is using Pro-Matte sleeves instead of Pro-fit sleeves.

I do have a few that are a bit smaller and do not wrinkle, they fit perfectly.
Except they are €3.60 per 100 whereas the bigger ones are €1…
But those were custom made for someone or some team so I don’t know how you could get those. :confused:

I’ve never had a problem with pro-fits. If you’re careful when inserting cards, they’re great.

This is always a controversial topic for me as I disagree with Clare about pro-fits. Being careful is the game. Especially with ADV and PCG era cards - you can ‘flick’ the bottom right if you’re not careful. However with a good weight on the binder I’m sure you’d be fine

I’m bumping this to say that I’ve had Toploader binders for some time now and I absolutely adore them. They are the perfect solution for my collection tastes. I haven’t yet decided if I want to put entire sets into toploader binders, as that kind of storage for commons/uncommons is pricey and not necessarily justified in my mind yet. However, I’ve got many unique sets and ultra-rare collections neatly filed into said binders.