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Hey guys, I’ve read some time ago that the D-Ring binders hurt/bend some of the cards, is this true? I’ve been using the Ultra Pro Premium binder and while I like it I don’t like how the cards sometimes slant, on the other hand I like how each page has a black background allowing 18 cards on each page rather than being a single page.

Anyone have experience with the Dragon Shield D-Ring 3-Ring binder and the Ultra-Pro 9 pocket pages? I really like the look of it:

This: plus penny sleeves is the way to go! :blush: I have never had any issue with a card moving about.

These are even better than the Ultra Pro ones. You remember the old Monster binders? This is basically the same, only cheaper.

I stopped using binders (except for common/uncommon cards) 10 years ago. I had seen the long term affects as well as many short term problems. They are better than nothing though.

What kind of long term affects do they have? Did you only use 3 ring binder or the binders with permanent pages?

I have been using binders for the past 14 years since I have started collecting and have never had any issues. I have moved away from the D rings and use the ultra pro- pro binders and monster binders to keep my complete sets. I see no issue in keeping cards in the binder. The real issue lies in the environment they are kept (heat, humidity and temperature) and the handling of the cards. That being said I refrain from keeping my more expensive cards in binders as I prefer to handle those individually.

Card curvature, shifting, and binder ring dents. I used binders for collectible sports and non sports cards from the 1970s through the 90s and the effect of long term humidity and heat (which seeps into those page pockets) and handling crippled many of my oldest collectible cards that were kept in those binders.
To most of the collectors here that shouldn’t matter or be an issue though so store them in the way you can enjoy them the most.

If you use Monster or Ulta-Pro Premium binders you should be fine. Put in a penny sleeve and then stick it into the page and you’re set. Of course there are risks, but for the ease of it I would be fine with it. Of course, I wouldn’t put a $1000 card into it, but I’d trust $100+ cards in them.

You could also try Top Loader Binders ( ) as those also work amazingly. I would strongly suggest those if you’re very paranoid, or just like having extreme protection.

Thanks for the replies guys, the Top Loader binders are awesome but truly overkill. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im definitley getting one of the toploader binders when i’ve the money, they look amazing I think (plus i like being over protective)