Do you double sleeve? And which sleeves do you use?

Title, pretty interested. I kinda wanna double sleeve mine, then put them in a binder.

Tried double sleeving and didn’t like it. I use ultra pro premium deck sleeves (backwards to hide the foil circle thing on the back) and then ultra pro side load premium pages. The ones with the black background. No need to double sleeve in this configuration as dust and particles won’t enter the sideload pages.

Perfect fits of any kind are the devil.



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I stopped double sleeving the traditional way due to the agony of handling cards with even the slightest amount of bowing/warping. I now use KMC Supers/Hypers (bought a bunch before the recent quality drop) and slip those into penny sleeves for a more “breathable” double sleeve solution. Those then go into a Legion Dragon Hide/Dex Protection binder.

I love double sleeving all cards I don’t plan on getting PSA graded. I just use perfect fits (:smiling_imp:) upside down then a penny sleeve right side up. And I throw that all into a top loader :grin:

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Why are Perfect fit’s bad? I’ve been using mine for double-sleeving and then into binder. I’m happy with them, just wondering why you don’t like them?

I don’t think they are bad but… I just think the card stays too tight inside so sometimes I’m bit afraid of damaging a card when taking it away from a perfect fit sleeve

Double sleeving is like using double condoms. It actually makes things worse because the 2 rub together and speed up degradation.


Okay that makes kinda sense :blush: so it’s best to just use penny sleeve or kmc hypermat/whatever? What do you about binders, then? Because penny sleeves don’t fit into them :blush:

For now, I’m using clear Deck Protectors, put the card upside down into it and then into a side-loading binder.

ultra pro premium clear sleeves fit into binders


I’d gladly advocate double sleeving binder cards using KMC perfect fits and Hyper Mattes anyday. It definitely provides extra protection from dust, and the condom analogy about double sleeving doesn’t work here because there is barely any movement for friction to cause damage.

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Only use binders with garbage cards;)


Kinda agree… but 400 cards in semi-rigids take up so much more space than a binder xD

This is actually true. Say you have a binder full of average condition cards because it’s all in a group they’ll look better because of the cheerleader effect. You see them as a group and not paying attention to the individuals.

But if the sleeves break, you could be blessed with a newborn Pokemon card.


Now that’s using your head.

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Not if I’m putting them in a binder or something. Only if they’re in a box.

You are in the same predicament as me. I have watched a fair amount of youtube vidoes and read a variety of forum posts on this matter. Alot of people seem to be happy with this option; For the binder cards I am going to go with KMC perfect size then into an ultra pro black Premium series side load page. Non binder cards; KMC perfect size then into KMC super series sleeves. I will let you know how that goes and I hope I helped!

I would recommend Dragon Shield perfect fits and sleeves if you can get a hold of them. They are slightly bigger (and thicker) and are easier to fit a card into.