storage and preservation questions...

So i had a question for yall!

Do you think this would be a good way to preserve my cards? Im a condition freak and dont want anything to happen to them…

I was thinking about getting a 3 ring binder…then buying the 4 pocket ultra pro protective sleeves to put in there…that way i can put the card in a toploader first before putting it in the binders pocket for extra protection. Also i would use a penny sleeve before putting the card in a toploader.

Would that be ok? I was maybe worried that all the extra weight from the top loaders sitting on the binders farther back cards would cause the penny sleeve to stick to the card and have the ink come off on it?

I know this probably sounds crazy but hey better safe then sorry for me! I spend alot of money on these cards and i would be devastated if anything happened to even one of them.

So should i do that or should i just keep them in toploaders individually without the binder?

Has anyone done this before? How did it work out for you?

And how do you store your valuable cards? Feel free to share i wanna hear this stuff guys!!! Thank in advance!!!

From what I see on your photobucket, your cards look well preserved. Have you looked into the top loader binders? I know a few members here use them and really like them. The only downside I see is that it takes up a bit to much space…well at least for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I store my promos in: a penny sleeve, toploader, team bag then I place them in an archival box inside a safe that has desiccant in it. (Crazy I know). For my very valuable cards, I usually get those graded by PSA and of course stored under lock and key as well.

Yeah i actually just found out about those binders after i posted this!
But i decided to take my cards out of the screw down cases…just took up way to much room since the cases were so thick…toploaders are so much thinner and makes it easier to move them if i need to…

But i think im just gonna do this toploader binder idea… :blush:

Thank you!

Im a bit obsessive like you, atm all my cards are in ultra pro perfict fit sleeves and then into dragon shield sleeves. I also have some in perfect fit sleeves and then in toploaders, and a few of my favourites in screw down cases however I ordered 100 more toploaders today and I plan to get myself the toploader binder asap. Eventually I want to have all mine in Ultra pro perfect fit/dragon shield > toploader >toploader binder. Im not sure weither to use dragon shields or ultra pro clear sleeves in toploaders tho

As I’ve said before on this forum, I’m personally a huge fan of my toploader binder. They are great for the kind of protection you desire while still being able to enjoy looking at them.