Card storage questions

Hey everyone, couple of questions.
I store some of my rarer cards in penny sleeves/toploaders/team bag and have started grouping these into larger snap lock (lunch type) bags. I have no idea if the larger snap locks are pvc free and all the rest of the qualities ultra pro has. Am i being paranoid considering they are already in toploaders and team bags?

Also store my first ed cards in penny sleeves and pages (one per page) and have noticed the holos are starting to bend/curl. I usually prevent this by storing them back to back however do not take this approach with 1st ed cards. I may consider grading 18/20 of them in the future which i believe would mostly get PSA 9/10 however am unsure if letting them bend would severely detract from their grades?

Any thoughts? My best idea at the moment is to put them into toploaders and team bags like my other cards to prevent (and hopefully readjust) some of the bending.


If it’s in a sleeve and toploader, you’re fine concerning acid-free protection.

Letting your cards bend is bad. The only way to avoid it is to store them in one of two ways:

  1. Inside books. (This is not the best option)
  2. Humidity-controlled areas (This is the best way)

If you do not have a way to control the humidity in your home, you can get a safe and desiccant and store your cards there. Purchasing a safe is a step that a lot of collectors make in order to protect their cards against the elements.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it!

No problem. I’m sure some others could weigh in as well. We had a long thread about it somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it now.

Yeah, D-Ring binders are a must.
And you can pair the double-sleeve method with the side loading pages Frost uses for maximum binder protection.

Cool. Yeah I have seen and own some good cards (not my doing) with binder damage. Believe it was from over filling the binder and the top couple pages left side cards get crushed. I love my binders for their display qualities but think I may move to keeping my ultra/secret rares in toploaders and team bags by set for the extra protection and to prevent curling.

Also Ive heard that keeping binders flat on top of each other can cause damage? has anyone had this happen to them? Asking as i’m running out of shelf room for my binders and may need to start standing them upright. Thanks for the suggestions, great to hear how others sort their collections!