Since I have the hard one...

I was thinking about getting the other 8 Lucky Stadiums. How much should I expect to be out of pocket?

Eh maybe $75 to 100 at the most…depending on how much you want them. I would say try to stick to the lower end. $80 imo is not too bad…you may find some lower.

Roughly $9-14 each I would say. There was an auction last month here for all 8 for £25 ($39).

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Really that low? I have not seen many full sets sell for $40.

yeah, I was going to buy it but I was at work when it ended! It didn’t even sell, and it was a BIN.

I saw one recent auction end with no buyers for $80. Haven’t seen anything in the $40 range …I think fair value on an ungraded set is $60 to $80 …From time to time, you can pick up singles between $5 and $8 for the Lucky Stadium Kanto(Lugia), Kansai(Ho-oh) and Tohoku(Diglett)…The 5 other cards run higher and don’t come up as much…by the way there’s a PSA 9 set for sale on Ebay for $199…Not a terrible price if you like graded cards…

Just thought I’d let you know that I have all eight and that I’m selling them. :blush:

I got Mew for $16 4 years ago from memory :blush: