Psa 10 lucky stadium set

What wold a value be on something like this I am thinking of trying to get a psa 10 set after the holidays are over just want to know what the value of each card may be as I have never seen a 10 set before

I’d say about 400.00 for the set in PSA 10.

Thanks for the info guys. Does anybody know of a psa10 set in a collection I have never seen one.

I sold the PSA 10 9th Lucky Stadium to Jason(Cbd1235) and included the other 8 Lucky Stadiums in PSA 10’s. That was early 2013. Pretty sure he’s not giving up the 9th Lucky Stadium but he may be open to an offer on the other 8…

Putting together a set is not difficult and relatively inexpensive. Getting it graded to get a complete set in PSA10 would still pose some challenges. There’s no huge demand for these cards so it may not be cost-effective to grade them. If you just want to protect the cards while they are in your collection, there are lots of ways you can protect them without getting it graded by PSA.

I have a set because I like the older card designs particularly with the old back. They are not graded though. I keep them sleeved inside toploaders.

I actually like the set as I like old japanese cards. Wanting a 10 set is just cause I am picky on certain cards not all just some.