Lucky Stadiums...

What is a set of 6 worth?

I asked the same question in a thread of mine and someone told me about $5 each, maybe more if you have all 8.
Well, all 8 since the 9th one is pretty rare… :stuck_out_tongue:

$5 each?
GRR I almost paid 80 for 6!

Well, the max they go for on eBay is $12-20, so with a lot of effort you COULD get $72-120.
But only 1 card sold for $20, so $120 would be unlikely.
$80 might have been a bit of a bad deal, but not a rip off.
Do you want to sell them on or just wondering if you got a good deal?
If you’re keeping them, at least they’re pretty nice cards and I could sell you the 2 you’re missing.

the key word is ALMOST :wink:
Well cause I remember someone here talking about them, so that is why I came here to ask!
I also asked on pokegym to a user who was online…
Still waiting on their reply, so 12-20 isn’t too bad, though seems like a LOT of hard work…
Rather save this money for McDonalds promos LOL

Oh, I read ‘almost’ as ‘nearly’. :wink:
Let’s just say I would sell you those cards for a bit less.

Ahh thanks!

Just send me a message if you ever feel like buying them.
As I said, I have 8 out of 9 so you’d almost have the whole set. ;D

What price would you put on the 8-set?

Daelum! -rageface-

Hahaha I would never steal your deal ;D
I don’t even have enough money for a booster pack right now though, so don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re interested to buy or also selling? :stuck_out_tongue:
To be honest, I’d put it on eBay for $100 BIN or best offer and see what happens.
Half of that would probably be a little more realistic, though.
The thing is that one of the cards sells for more than the other so estimating is tough and people might be willing to pay more for a set since it saves on shipping and whatnot.

I’m always interested in both. I ask for prices on everything so I know for future reference :wink:
You most likely would not get $100. I checked the completed listings and a full 9-set didn’t even sell for $80 :confused:

9 set didn’t sell for 80?

I did say half was more realistic.
Plus, I always use high BINs on eBay with the best offer option, I’ll wait and see what people are willing to pay.
Probably wouldn’t say no to a $80 offer though.

Woops! I double-checked and it was an 8-set :stuck_out_tongue:

Any pokémon collector would jump on that price for the whole set. :blush: