Sample Rapidash Value?

What is the value?

I had one of these for awhile… I think I got it for around $75, but traded it for a bit more in value.

$75 is quite reasonable, I think these can’t really drop in value given their history so grab them cheap if you can

Speaking of history we got the facts on these guys at Worlds. There were 90 copies printed total. 90 is not the number that exists today as many of them were pitched after the event since they were used as id cards.

Realistically there are 40-50 sets remaining. There are a lot of single cards floating around, but full sets are difficult to come by. There are a couple people that are sitting on a nest of sets that are not looking to sell. I literally mean a couple people that have been involved with pokemon since the beginning.

So basically if you find them cheap go ahead and hit Buy it now and feel good about yourself!

what cards are in the set?

Scott: proof of those numbers please :blush:

i actually found the cards in the set lol Whats a good price for each of them? Like what price would make it a good deal?

OK, who was the source?

Scott…? I think that was the reputable source he was mentioning.

Yes that was the source I was mentioning. He is definitely credible.

Oh what about that update regarding those seldom seen cards?

Wow seriously? Its just a pokemon card.

I can understand that, not burning bridges and everything, however there was probably 50+ people in the room when they probably were won / awarded unless they printed these for a few people like executives / business partners (which would be cool.) I always thought, especially collecting , that you share images and information. Hence why museums, galleries, forums like this one etc. exist.

:blush: If you guys want to know what we talk about on the admin only section…

(I’m kidding, I don’t know a thing)

Was he able to tell us what the No. 1 was?

Hang on - thinking about it, I actually want to take this to the admin only section. Sorry guys. If I get any info out and Cally and I can convince the other two to make public, we will share :blush:

I pretty sure there are a little more. If not then I know of all three. The one scott has, the one smason used to have (the holo patterns are different) and the one graded by PSA back in 1999-2000.

The cards that no one knows about were not shown to 50 people. Only a handful of people who have been involved with pokemon forever know about them.

We will get information out as soon as we can. It is up to the owner. I will release some information about the tmb 2001 card as well. I have an exact amount on the sets.

I know, I never said 50 was an exact number. Its just that if it were awarded for some tournament then all of the participants would know. But I have no idea why it was printed or for what event as I know nothing about it.

is the 2001 TMB the “e” style tropical wind? or a different card?

It wasn’t from a tournament, I really want to divulge the information but we just have to wait a bit to confrim everything, just respecting people’s privacy. But in the meantime I will put out some new info on the english vs cards :blush:

Hahaha Ill take any information on these as I can get. If its related to pokemon cards I want to know! (Just not about the newer ones) …although I like those tropical beach promos.