Price Check - Pokemon Scrap Code Complete Set

Hey guys, wondering how much a complete set of these codes (unused codes, mint cards) would be worth. I’m just missing a few and wondering if I should pick them up in order to sell, or if I should just sell lots of 10, 20, etc. I figure pricing for the lots should be around $1 per code going off of what I’ve seen from eBay. Thanks!

I sold two complete sets + a few extras thrown in for $75 in january on eBay.

Ok cool. Looks like I’ll be picking up the rest of the codes I need!

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I sold codes at $0.25 each used. So I sold the code themselves for $0.25 and then the card for $0.25

I remember when the codes were being sold for $4 each! Yep, $4. That means you could buy a booster box and make a lot of money from things not used. Now the codes sell for $1. I sold the majority of mine for $1.5 which meant all my booster boxes cost me only $5 each which was the postage :wink:

I didnt know these are worth money iv got a crap ton of them in my drawer. Better sort them into sets and sell them when I get time.

@ozenigma - I highly doubt they sold for $4 a piece.

That being said, @m786ali if you are to sell the codes you best do it quick, because I’m pretty sure they close off any access to get those Pokemon once XY6 is out, I could be wrong but.

You can doubt it all you like, but I saw it happen. It’s what triggered me to buy more boxes. :wink:


I don’t have the time to search for that, it was months ago.

You can’t sell them for that now anyways so…

Edit: forgot I bookmarked this;

One of many early sellers…


Well… Those buyers got suckered pretty hard. Considering a pack is less than $3 they paid an exorbitant amount…

I’m well aware of that :wink: hence why I bought a lot of boxes.