BUYING: PTCGO Codes @ $0.20 EACH

Want to make a little extra cash for your collection? Sell me your unwanted codes :grin:

What about my unwanted collection?

@elam18 I’ll buy them for $0.20. :blush:

kk, my 20 million energy cards for your $4 million dollars. Thanks :heart_eyes:

No problem. I won’t even use Dongs. Would you take Zimbabwean dollars? :blush:

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Does it matter which sets?,

@pokemontrader is buying all sets. If you have multiple sets, just break up the codes into categories (IE… Plasma Freeze ; PLB etc…)

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Thanks all for the humour :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, any set is fine~

I have a few how do i sent the codes as typing seems too long for me .

Would scanning or takung pocs fine?

I’d prefer typed.

Scanning works too though!

I have about 300 codes available and some from boxes too or Gx tins. 172 Hidden Fates Codes. 13 Hidden Fates Raichu GX. ,8 Hidden Fates Charizard GX. 12 Gyarados GX. 4 Hidden Fates Mewtwo Pin. 7 Mew Pin Collection. 5 Steam Siege. 1 Primal Clash. 1 Ancient Origins. 12 Fates Collide. 11 Evolutions. 2 Roaring Sky’s. 1 Breakthrough. 1 Breakpoint. 12 Unbroken Bonds. 5 Cosmic Eclipse. 4 Dragon Majesty. 4 Team up. 9 Shining Legends. 2 Sun and Moon base. 1 Burning Shadows. 1 Crimson Invasion. 2 Forbidden Light. 2 Guardians Rising. 3 Lost Thunder. 10 Unified Minds. Pale Moon Gx. Gengar ex. Umbreon Gx. Dragon Majesty Ultra Necromaza figure collection code. Kangaskhan Gx. Legacy Evolutions pin collection. Shining Legends collection Mewtwo. Shining Darkrai GX. Snorlax gx. Tag Team generations premium code. Dragonite Gx. Porygon Z. Melmetal Gx. Dragon tin: Salamance. Tag team tin Snorlax and Eevee. Let me know thanks!

You’re 7 years late mate. Close this up please.